August 21st, 2003 issue #0233

August 21st, 2003
  • Charlottesville dating: Not an oxymoron

     We've got rolling hills, mountain views, and history galore. But if you ask the average Charlottesvillian about the local dating scene, you're likely to get a blank stare. After all, we were named one of the top 100 communities by Where to Retire magazine last year.

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  • Dating disasters!

    You need only dip your toes in the dating pool to discover that the e-coli count often registers in the lethal zone. As evidence, several Hook insiders have gotten together to provide true stories of romance gone wrong. Read 'em and weep. Oh, sh–!  Picnics have been pretty devastating for me. On one particular date at a lake at evening-fall, after a light rain, I spread my off-white Burberry raincoat for us to sit upon. Afterwards, I put it back on and spent several hours wandering around wearing it.

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  • Extreme measures: dating resources reach family-ville

    Charlottesville may be many wonderful things: beautiful, quaint, and family-friendly come to mind. But a dating hot spot? No way. At least until now. After 6, a "speed dating" service, arrived on the scene Thursday, June 21, with a premier event at Rococo's restaurant, and organizer Candy Schoner says the evening and two subsequent events have been smash hits. Schoner compares speed dating to musical chairs for adults– without the music. It's a safe and fun way for singles to connect, Schoner says, limiting each participant to a series of quick five-minute "dates."

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  • Hotties: Boozin' and Cruzin' in Charlottesville

    Bang! ­ If red is the color of passion, then Bang's the place to go. Colorful and exotic, Bang's attractive ambiance and decorative fish make this a hot spot even if you're not desperately seeking someone... but it's dynamite if you are!   Mas ­ So hip it hurts, Belmont-based tapas bar Mas is the relative newcomer to the scene. Now that those tractor-seat stools have been replaced with elegant yet industrial cream-colored leather, and booths have been added, it's all the more comfortable to sit, chat, and gather digits.  

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  • Man on the street: To date or not to date

    Published August 21, 2003 in issue #0233 of The Hook PHOTOS BY JEN FARIELLO JENFARIELLO@RLC.NET What's the best pickup line? Adam Kron: "Have you seen the latest pirates movie? It's rated Arrrrrrr." Katie Donaldson: "You can Pokemon if I can Pikachu." Donnell Norman: "He says: 'Did it hurt?' She says: 'When?' He says: 'When you fell down from heaven.'"   Where's the most romantic place to take a date?

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  • Resources galore! Wrapping that rascal makes sense

    It doesn't take a government study to show that dating can lead to sex. And even in pastoral Charlottesville, you can't be too safe. Like some big city restaurants, Oxo restaurant does its part by distributing condoms. But they're not in a machine on the wall. They're not even in the men's room. Oxo offers an assortment of condoms in a basket in the ladies restroom. (Men are treated to Tootsie Rolls from a Viagra box.)

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  • Where, oh where?: Good places around town to hook up

    COVER- Where, oh where?: Good places around town to hook up   BY ROSALIND WARFIELD-BROWN COPY@READTHEHOOK.COM Published August 21, 2003, in issue #0233 of the Hook If you're single and ask for advice about likely places to meet a partner, chances are you'll be told to join a church group. Yeah, well. Heathens may, as an alternative, want to try a few of these:  

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst blackout: A power outage shuts down New York, Toronto, Cleveland, and points in between August 14, the worst in U.S. (and Canadian) history. Worst worm: Blaster wreak...

The Dish

  • Dig those dots: Twist on a classic

    If classic ice cream is a good thing, then why not make it even better? That seems to be the notion behind a new ice cream stand in Fashion Square Mall called Dippin' Dots....


  • My crime: 'You fit the description'

    When the police van pulled up alongside me and the two officers jumped out, I moved to step aside, curious who/what they were looking for. I didn't have to wait long. They ...

Real Estate

  • Foreclosure auctions

    August 26, 2003, at 10am at the Charlottesville Courthouse Property: 610 Bailey Road Debtor: Evern and Linda A. Bunion Originally owing: $64,648 Bidder brings: 10 percent ...

  • Still Available

    FEATURED IN THE HOOK: June 30, 2002 in issue #17 ADDRESS: 860 White Hall Road (originally Three Chopt Road) ASKING: $1.2 million SIZE: 5592 fin. sq. ft. YEAR BUILT: 1737 (a...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old!

    Albemarle 6/2  Craig N. and Ann M. Hess to Dale H. and John B. Carr Jr., 3304 Darby Road, Glenmore, $535,000. Janet D. and Randolph W. Jones Jr. to Paul and Sally C....

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Walls of ivy: Easy maintenance in Greenbrier

    ADDRESS: 2239 Brandywine Drive ASKING: $291,700 SIZE: 2476 fin. sq. ft., 100 unfin. YEAR BUILT: 1971 NEIGHBORHOOD: Greenbrier CURB APPEAL: 7 out of a possible 10 LISTED BY:...

Movie Reviews

  • Smile! Can Crest cure marital decay?

    Make sure you have you have your kitchen chores done before you watch The Secret Lives of Dentists. A drama set in a TDTD family (two dentists, three daughters), it has cou...

Music Reviews

  • Direct hit: Revved up roots rock rules

    Former NYC punk band D-Generation put out three of the best records of the '90s that didn't get heard by nearly enough folks. As a result, the band did the usual: faced pre...

  • High Strung: And loving that energy!

    The High Strungat Miller'sAugust 17   It's 12:56 in the morning, I'm hopped up on coke (a cola) and nicotine, hopped down on beer, and need sleep more than any time i...


  • 278 men: Rapist search angers black males

    He's been raping women since 1997, and has been positively linked to six attacks, the most recent in April. But the serial rapist has claimed other victims: The hundreds of...

  • Barnhill's bride: Wife escapes endangerment charge

    The husband in this case, a former area resident, made headlines in 1996 for refusing to undergo a background check in order to become a coach with SOCA, the Soccer Organiz...

  • Gabe to Pooh: Don't touch my building

    The two brick buildings have shared a wall since around 1838. A century and a half later, a judge has ordered them separated, but the City of Charlottesville has issued a s...

  • PAC man: Van Yahres finds another way to raise money

    Here's the thing when you're running unopposed for a General Assembly seat that you've held for decades: No one wants to give you money. Most politicians probably wouldn't ...

  • Starry eyes: Can rock lotto pick a winner?

    Where else but Charlottesville could punkers, pickers, gospel singers, and indie rockers come together in one show? In one band? Less than one month after eight new bands w...

  • W'boro hub: City eyes home furnishings

    Waynesboro city officials and business leaders have announced a plan to transform Waynesboro into a home furnishings hub– a one-stop destination for appliances, inter...

The Brazen Careerist

  • Four tricks: How to make more time

    Success in the workplace depends on being a good time manager, because it doesn't matter how good you are at your job if you never have time to do it. Here are the four mos...

Strange But True


  • Arm-waver: Prof lives to teach... and write

    As UVA students converge on Charlottesville, English prof Mark Edmunson is working on his latest project, a book about the last year in the life of Sigmund Freud. He says h...


  • Get serious, Shirley

    I wonder if lovable Shirley ("Razorwire") Presley [News, "Trail nix III, July 31,2003] ( has conside...

  • I'd live there

    Concerning the recent flap over a play yard for dogs [News, "Dogged Daycare," July 31] (, I want...