June 5th, 2003 issue #0222

June 5th, 2003
  • No apology: How NBC29 got spanked

    Art Baugher has known Jesse Sheckler virtually all his life. Baugher knew that his cousin adamantly opposed illegal drugs, and yet, when WVIR-TV Channel 29 reported that police had found cocaine at Sheckler's house, Baugher believed it. "I never knew you couldn't believe the news," says Baugher, two years later. Today, he calls himself "naïve."

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  • Sideshow: The crying game

    One sidelight– or sideshow perhaps– of the $10 million defamation verdict involves confusion over which reporter may have cried– or lied. In the trial, U.S. Attorney Bruce Pagel testified that he'd met with a reporter who told his legal assistant that he'd given her permission to look at the investigative file for the criminal case. He says he gave no such permission, and when he called the reporter on the alleged deception, she "lost her composure," cried, and mentioned that her grandmother had just died.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best catch by a rookie: Twenty-one-year-old cop Jeff Postell nabs Eric Robert Rudolph, a suspect in the 1996 Olympic bombings and subject of a massive manhunt in the mounta...

The Dish

  • Coffee today... New cafe now, gelato soon?

    Ever since Caldo and Freddo died last Fall, Dish has been circling the vacant Seminole Square space like a hungry hawk. Well, last week's rounds brought an end to our hunt....


Real Estate - $old

  • $old!

    ALBEMARLE 3/31  Carl R. and Noel M. Purdy to Per O. and Pamela S. Sjolinder, 0.011 acre at 646 Miller School Road, $3,000. Fonda P. and Albert Crawford Sr. to Dragan...

Real Estate - Off the Block

  • Off the block

    APPEARED IN THE HOOK: May 15, 2003, in issue #0219 ADDRESS: 700 Graves Street, Belmont ASKING PRICE: $185,000 SELLING PRICE: $168,000 DAYS ON MARKET: 21 SELLER'S AGENT: Rog...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Swan on Seventh: Starr Hill hovel goes glam

    ASKING: $155,000 SIZE: 1260 fin. sq. ft. YEAR BUILT: 1925 ADDRESS: 305 Seventh Street, NW NEIGHBORHOOD: Starr Hill CURB APPEAL: 5 out of a possible 10 LISTED BY: Steven C. ...

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Strange But True

  • 20-20: Ping-pong perks up peepers

    Q. What's a fast, cost-free, pain-free way to improve your visual acuity? ­B. Bunny  A. Running a race may do it, say V. Gregory Payne and Larry D. Isaacs in Human M...


  • Take two: Starsia savors victory

    Being national champions makes almost anything bearable. So Dom Starsia, head coach of the NCAA lacrosse champion Virginia Cavaliers, says his traditional celebratory soaki...



  • Far out!!

    In The Hook of May 29, 2003, your cartoon "Slow Wave" makes Charlton Heston the butt of a sad attempt at humor, or perhaps political satire. In any event, I believe it fall...

  • Modulars don't compromise care

    I understand that The Hook does not pretend to be anything other than entertainment, and that you are a writer as opposed to being a journalist. That is why I am sure when ...

  • Morrell has a story, too

    I understand it's a newspaper's job to find stories, maybe develop them a bit, and write them up for us to read. We all love good stories. The "Unhappy camper" story [Cover...

  • Trailer wags are wrong

    What a shame you felt the need to print such a demeaning article in the News section, May 29, "O.R. in a trailer." (http://www.readthehook.com/93533/news-or-trailer-uvas-ne...

Cultural preview

  • Elementary! Help Mr. Holmes catch the crook

    Several years ago, my kids pulled a dusty tome, three inches thick, off the bookshelf…their father’s ancient copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes. We’ve read aloud al...

  • Fun for all: Follow herd to Nelson fest

    If, in the past 10 years, you’ve never taken the scenic drive down 29 South for Nelson County’s Summer Festival, which takes place on the gorgeous grounds of the Oak Ri...

  • Getting straight: Exhibit answers common question

    When I last visited the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal art gallery, I was accosted by a short, fuzzy-headed woman clearly in thrall to a certain object in the exhibit.  “Woul...

  • Helpful? Readers rate Bronfman book

    Here’s a confession that will shock none of you. The Hook’s Words columnist doesn’t always read the book in question. There are occasions when poor planning has sent ...

  • Storytime: Strong lyrics set jamgrass band apart

    Straight from the opening note of “Ricky Dunbar,” the first song of jamgrass band Cast Iron Filter’s (CIF) March performance at the Outback Lodge (the Outback folks w...

  • Variety shows: Heritage opens 30th season

    The Heritage Repertory Theater box office opened for business this week. Now in its 30th year of production, HRT is the summer professional theater operating out of the Uni...

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