May 8th, 2003 issue #0218

May 8th, 2003
  • Cheater? Local author charges Professor Edlich

    Tales of plagiarism are all the same. Mid-article, mid-book, mid-paper, or mid-sentence, something goes wrong: A writer– overcome by forgetfulness, laziness, or sheer dishonesty– lifts a few phrases or passages from another writer– and eventually pays the price.

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  • Copycat? Another UVA prof endured scandal

    Earlier this academic year, another UVA professor became ensnared in a plagiarism debate of her own. In November, The History News Network, a George Mason University-affiliated news site, ran a lengthy story about the case of UVA faculty member Ann J. Lane. Lane, longtime history professor and director of Studies in Women and Gender, is today something of a Charlottesville icon. But back in 1971, as an assistant professor at Rutgers, she allegedly lifted large chunks from two published articles while converting her dissertation into a book.

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  • You gotta be crazy! Cheating students plead insanity

    An insanity defense is nothing new for criminals, and now it seems to be working for some UVA cheaters. UVA physics professor Louis Bloomfield made national headlines in May 2001 when he brought evidence to the Honor Committee which resulted in charges against 158 current and former students in his "How Things Work" course. After hearing rumors of students copying papers from previous semesters, Bloomfield created a computer program that searched papers written since spring 1999 for identical six-word strings.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst jolt: Charlottesville rocks through a Fluvanna-based 3.9 earthquake at 12:32pm on May 5. Worst spring weather: Scores of tornadoes rip a 400-mile swath through Kansas...

The Dish

  • No closure: More late-hour options

    Let's face it. People aren't exactly flocking to Charlottesville for its vibrant and varied after-hours scene. Yet recent activities– like the closure of Espresso Roy...


  • SARS wars: Genomics may save China

    Thank goodness that SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) arrived in the Genomics Age. The malady has already infected 5,000 people and killed 327 since it broke out in ...

Real Estate

  • Foreclosure auctions

    May 12, 2003, at 1pm, at the Albemarle County Courthouse Property: 3025 Louisa Road, Keswick Debtor: Shadwell Cove LLC Originally owing: unknown Bidder brings: $50,000 or ...

Real Estate - $old

  • Sold!

    ALBEMARLE 3/17  Hilda L. Baber to Ernest N. and Nancy Baber, 1/3 interest in l/5 interest in 328 acres in White Hall district, gift. Richard J. and Debra L. Fisher t...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • High lands: You can see for miles and miles

    ADDRESS: 2306 Highland Avenue NEIGHBORHOOD: JPA/ Johnson Village ASKING: $299,000 YEAR BUILT: 1996 SIZE: 2900 fin. sq. ft., 340 sq. ft. of decks CURB APPEAL: 6 out of a pos...

Movie Reviews

  • Doubles: Pleasures multiply in Good Thief

    For those of us who liked The Truth about Charlie– OK, both of us– here's another trip back to France in the mid-20th century, updated to a tense present. The G...

Music Reviews

  • Last big blowout? Powerhouses go head to head

    Cannonball Coming, X Porn Stars, Man Mountain Starr Hill/ OrbitSaturday, May 3 It was the battle of local powerhouses on Saturday, May 3. The X Porn Stars graciousl...

  • Whispered whimsy: Tunes to cuddle by

    In case you didn't know, it's kind of a magical time to be a young musician. In exchange for the less than impressive sums you earn from a summer of mowing lawns, or from c...


Strange But True

  • Puffery: One bite and you're half dead

    Q. At a restaurant in Japan, what's the most death-defying item on the menu? Would-not-be zombies– beware! ­-Michiko Kogo  A. You'd have to bet on the Puffer F...




  • Beggars can be boozers

    City Council's new ordinance prohibiting "panhandling" is a waste of time. [April 24, News: "Panhandling panned: No more Mall driving, either"] (

  • Schilling is shrilling

    I was disappointed to read of Councilor Rob Schilling's lack of cooperation with the rest of City Council during the budgetary process [News April 24, 2003: "Honeymoon's ov...

Cultural preview

  • Delusional? We're all in on the silence

    Derrick Jensen is calling you a liar. He’s calling me one too. It’s because we collude in the silencing of A Language Older than Words, otherwise know as erosion, cause...

  • Everyday objects: Fitts elevates the mundane

    Once or twice a year, it seems, Michael Fitts finds an opportunity to show his work, and that’s a good thing. The painter knows his way around sheet metal, does minimalis...

  • Fun with Foley: One-man show delights

    Andrew Bennett, renowned actor at the Abbey Theater in Dublin, Ireland, and narrator of the acclaimed film Angela’s Ashes, brings his one-man show, Foley, to Charlottesvi...

  • Music for Moms: Annual Tandem event rocks

    I just got back from the spring jazz concert at my kids’ school, and I’m still buzzing. Music at Tandem Friends School could be the hottest scene around. These talented...

  • Seniors celebrate: Local Center welcomes Warner

    Charlottesville’s Senior Center is one happening place, especially these days, because the non-profit organization, whose mission is to enrich and empower healthy seniors...

  • The ruckus returns: Mary Prankster's all over the map

    When I ask you to “Please ignore the gentlemen to the right and left of Ms. Prankster in the above picture,” it’s not because of any Wizard of Oz-type shenanigans-–...


  • Near 'miss: The mom who just said no

    When Charletta Anderson went to the emergency room at Martha Jefferson Hospital five and a half years ago, she says she was told she'd had a miscarriage. The doctor prescri...

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