March 27th, 2003 issue #0212

March 27th, 2003
  • My house as a life: When architects design for themselves

    Driving around town, you've probably seen them: the louvered orange house with the terraces down by Riverview Park; the machine-like structure with the big green "V" over on Farish; or the three-story wall of glass brick gleaming in the woods above Meadowbrook Road. With luck, you didn't swerve off the road. What do these eye-poppingly modern buildings have in common? They're all houses architects have built for themselves, places where the wildest theories of structural design are put into practice for the architects' own personal pleasure.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best reason for non-stop television watching: The United States begins its war on Iraq March 19. Worst potential disaster to consider, as if war and terrorism aren't enough...

The Dish


  • Dirty bomb: No reason to be afraid

    Stockpile food, get a pocket radio, hoard batteries, and find an easily sealed place in your apartment. Make a plan to flee the metropolis. If there is an inland waterway, ...

Real Estate

  • Foreclosure auctions

    April 3, 2003, at 9:30am at the Fluvanna County Courthouse Property: 13 Cliftwood Drive, Palmyra Debtor: Laurie R. Vevilacqua Originally owing: $75,920 Bidder brings: $7,5...

Real Estate - $old

  • Sold!

    Albemarle 2/13  Larry G. and Sandra K. Zeman to Vernie W. and Betty Ann G. Lowry, 2.61 acres at 555 Shelton Mill Road, gift. Andrew T. and Christina M. Hucek to Davi...

Real Estate - Off the Block

  • Off the block: Cochran's Mill

    Address: 435 East Rio Road Appeared in the Hook : September 5, 2002 in issue #31 Asking Price: $415,000 Selling price: $343,000 Days on market: Seller's and Buyer's A...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Look again: Farmhouse hides its gifts

    ASKING: $349,000 SQUARE FEET: 2500 fin. sq. ft., 600 unfin. YEAR BUILT: 1910 ADDRESS: 777 Black Cat Road NEIGHBORHOOD: Keswick CURB APPEAL: 8 out of a possible 10 LISTED BY...

Movie Reviews

  • Don't! Don't ask, tell... or see

    After all the schedule changes that followed the 9/11 attack, it's incredible that Columbia went ahead and released Basic during the war in Iraq. It's not as if there wasn'...

Music Reviews


Strange But True

  • Drop dead? Mice survive great falls

    Q. Some animals carry around their own parachute in case of falls. Who is among this foresightful set? ­S. Little  A. Rats and mice, along with their smaller animal...


  • Rebel with a pen: Author leaves the jungle

    Bob Anderson is a spirit of the rain forest, and the only rule he bows to is the law of the jungle. "I had nothing but contempt for people who are into discipline. I would ...


  • Rob Vaughan: Lord of the lore

    It was a dark and stormy night... No, actually, it was a cold and rainy January day when Rob Vaughan got the serendipitous phone call that would change his life. He'd been ...


  • Don't fear the Clear

    Sure, control of six radio stations here is crazy. [News, March 13: "MIXed message: Will FCC 'clear' WUMX sale?"] (

  • Happy Sidney

    Thanks a million goes to Rebecca Beirne, Marcus Hahn, the Hogwaller Ramblers, and all the birthday party-goers who attended Sidney Tapscott's 80th. Sidney talked about the ...

  • Kutchai's twisted tale

    I am writing in regard to your article about housing. [March 20: "Crowded house: It may be cozy, but should it be illegal?"] (

  • Many gigs are free

    In the article "Freebie no more" [News, March 13] about Fridays After 5 charging admission, organizer Tony LaBua, was quoted as saying, "We are the only venue in the state ...

  • UVA's failure the crowding source

    In your otherwise excellent article on the negative impacts of student housing on residential neighborhoods around UVA ["Crowded house: It may be cozy, but should it be ill...

Cultural preview

  • Fishy business: Finny festival in Waynesboro

    Did you know that Waynesboro is one of only one two Virginia towns with an urban trout stream? At first glance, the South River may appear to be just another beautiful Shen...

  • Hear that? It's the seasons changing

    UVA music professor Matthew Burtner spent his early childhood in a small village on the Arctic Ocean, the mountains outside of Anchorage, and on fishing boats on Alaska's s...

  • Jam-tastic

    Something tells me that the Wednesday night performance of North Carolina’s The Recipe is going to be big. The band possesses all those traits a lot of people in town hol...

  • Not make-believe: Kids can visit the neighborhood

    It was an especially poignant moment when I learned that Fred Rogers had passed away. The man loomed especially large for me, because I was raised in Mister Rogers’ neigh...

  • Sketchy: Herblock could be biting

    When it comes to the dour, farcical invention that is politics, a dose of humor is certainly welcome. This spring, the UVA Center for Politics hosts a symposium on humor in...

  • Welcome back: Traveler tours his "home"

    There are writers who avoid the pedestal from which they might be admired. They write of the mundane phenomena of the world with humility, and we appreciate their insights ...


  • Wartime bookfest: Lit lovers soldier on

    The ninth annual Virginia Festival of the Book was a more somber celebration of the word than usual. On Wednesday, March 19, with President George W. Bush's deadline to Sad...

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