November 28th, 2002 issue #0143

November 28th, 2002
  • Holiday survival tips

    Published November 28, 2002 in issue #43 of The Hook   Problem: You, the host or hostess, emerge from the kitchen bearing a hot, glistening, savory turkey that has taken most of the day to stuff, string, and cook. In your zeal to reach the appreciative masses assembled at the table, you trip on an errant toy, and the turkey slides off the tray and onto the floor.

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  • Protest nothing? Organizers head for the hills

    If there's one thing locals thought they could count on, it was "Buy Nothing Day." In recent years, organizers of the anti-consumption rally were tossed out of Barracks Road Shopping Center and then moved on (with their giant masks) to scare passersby on Route 29. Organizers pick the day after Thanksgivinga day retailers call "Black Friday"– to spread their message against over-consumption. The name comes from a traditional consumer bonanza massive enough to send businesses' account books into the black.

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  • Splurges and Steals

    It's that time again. You've made your list, you've checked it twice. You've called to up the credit limit on your Mastercard and Discover, and now you're ready for the mayhem known as the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you know that cousin Mariah won't be satisfied with anything less than a Hermes silk twill scarf, and little Gavin will hold his breath all Christmas day if he doesn't get the Sony's $1500 Aibo robodog, your work is cut out for you.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst fraternity hijinks: Kappa Alpha and Zeta Psi are suspended November 18 by their national headquarters and UVA's Inter-Fraternity Council after the frats post Hallowee...

The Dish

  • While you wait: Bashir's has tapas, too

    Since Dish's visit to Belmont's soon-to-open Spanish eatery, Mas, last week, we can't control our craving for tapas. By virtue of size alone, these tasty little dishes seem...


  • Game girl: Sid and Nancy in Electronics Land

    The other night, I was bedeviled for more than an hour by a persistent beeping noise. Every few minutes I'd hear the beep, but I couldn't figure out where it was coming fro...

  • Mr. Oluwa's overture: The email everyone gets

    Perhaps you heard from Daniel A. Oluwa over the past few days. He's a member of Nigeria's Federal Audit Committee. He dropped you an e-mail labeled "Strictly Confidential,"...

  • Not all the turkeys are in the oven

    The night before Thanksgiving and all through the county, police were stirring and looking for bounty.  When the tractor beam of light surrounded our car on Interstat...

Real Estate

  • Foreclosures

    December 5, 2002, at 11:30am at the Fluvanna County CourthouseProperty: 4.489 acres on Route 1, Bremo BluffDebtor: Robin W. and Annie T. WayneOriginally owing: $125,130.61B...

Real Estate - $old

  • SOLD!

    Charlottesville 11/12  C&O Restoration Partnership to Sansovich Development LLC, 600 E. Water Street, $2,200,000. 11/14  Louise O. Shifflett to Rodney L. S...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate - Update

  • On the block update

    Address: 815 St. Clair Avenue Seen in The Hook : 10/10/02 Asking: $325,000 Contract price: $325,000 Days on market: 7 days Sellers' Agent: Roger Voisinet of RE/MAX Rea...

Movie Reviews

Music Reviews


  • Blackface: offending costumes roil UVA

    Since the news broke last Tuesday that three guests at a co-sponsored fraternity Halloween party had come dressed in blackface, the question of race and racism at UVA has o...

  • DNA trail: Serial rapist sought in eleven attacks

    Here's how it happened for some of the victims: a glimpse of a stranger already in the house, then a punch in the face as prelude to the sexual assault. On November 11, a w...

  • Going south: Textile tank opens up prime real estate

    As a driver heads west on Ivy Road, the Institute of Textile Technology resides in the last of the four stately homes built by Hollis Rhinehart for his sons. The first one,...

  • House ousting: Legislating Monticello's return to nickel

    Heads or tails? Monticello's future on the flip side of the nickel might be anyone's guess. The idea of replacing Monticello has been kicked around for a while now by legis...

  • Recession-proof-ville

    For all the economic woes of the nation, employment in Charlottesville (and even Virginia as a whole) continues to be strong, according to the most current month for which ...

Strange But True

  • 'Pap' can do his part

    Q. Can a woman who adopts a newborn breast-feed the baby? Could a man possibly do the same? ­F. Lamaze


  • Jefferson Ward: The joy lives

    Jeff Ward isn't trying to be Lance Armstrong or anything, but, like the Tour de France winner, he's lucky to be alive. The 34-year-old former UVA football player had a nast...


  • Rita Mae Brown

    Not much gets past Rita Mae Brown. She can pick out a Yankee in any crowd– in this case, a Hook reporter who asks if she means Coca-Cola when she writes Co-Cola. "I c...


  • Ban the hunt

    You recently did an article on foxhunting the one form of animal cruelty which craves not only exoneration, but respect and praise ["Hounded: What's so wrong with foxhuntin...

  • Bloody facts omitted

    Thank you for identifying the author of your cover story as a foxhunter ["Hounded: What's so wrong with foxhunting?" November 14] (

  • Realty isn't easy

    Published November 28, 2002, in issue #43 of The Hook I applaud Rob Lynch and Anthony McGhee's enthusiastic capitalist spirit in establishing Assist2Sell, the latest real e...

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