November 21st, 2002 issue #0142

November 21st, 2002
  • Ain't no mountain wide enough: To keep Crozet from tunneling a new attraction

    Claudius Crozet is more than a name on a neighborhood park or a tiny town. Although he's been dead for 138 years, he's a hero in engineering circles. "He was ahead of his time," says Howard Newlon, a civil engineer and UVA faculty member. "We need more of those."

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  • Bar none: "The Cookie Lady" delivers

    The summer of 1976 ushered in a new era in cross-county bicycling with the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, aka "Bikecentennial Route 76." Thanks to one Afton woman, that summer also saw a new era in cookies. Since 1976, June Curry, known to her fans as the Cookie Lady, has been providing sweet sustenance to bicyclists who pause in the quaint village of Afton.

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  • Crozet's Blue Ridge Tunnel

    Construction period: 1848-1858 Stone-removal: black powder, hand drills, chisels Smoke-removal: He built a Burgoyne exhaust system, in which inverted tubs trapped the fumes and, after they were immersed in water, expelled them into a network of pipes and valves. Water-removal: He connected hand- and horse-powered pumps to an 1,800-foot length of three-inch iron pipe which discharged 60 gallons a minute and is believed to be the longest siphon on record.

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  • Crozet: The town followed the man

    Claudius Crozet put his tunnel on the map, but it took an Albemarle town to put him on the map. The construction of the nearby Miller Manual Labor School (now known as just the Miller School) in 1875 prompted a desire for more links with the outside world and created the need for a way to bring construction materials to the site.

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  • The others: Three out of four ain't bad

    Published November 21, 2002 in issue #42 of The Hook What happened to the other three tunnels Claudius Crozet designed to make the march through Afton Mountain? *Greenwood, 538 feet long, was blocked by concrete in 1947. *Brooksville, 869 feet long, was demolished in the early 1960s to make way for Interstate 64. *Little Rock, 100 feet long, is still in use for CSX and Amtrak trains.  

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best sign we won't run out of water– this year: Governor Mark Warner lifts state bans on car washing, refilling swimming pools, and watering golf courses November 12,...

Editor's Note

  • Editor's note

    * We extend a warm welcome to incoming "Walkabout" editor, Christina Ball, who has taken the reins of that culture section our proofreader, Lynn Jameson, who, incidentally,...

The Dish


  • Caller I.D. vs. caller id

    Caller I.D has revolutionized telephone etiquette. A helpful (though guilt-laded innovation) for the callee, the invention is potentially devastating for the caller. And no...

Real Estate

  • Foreclosures

    November 26, 2002, at 9am at the Madison County CourthouseProperty: 13.645 acres on State Route 607 in BrightwoodDebtor: unknownOriginally owing: $102,400Bidder brings: $9,...

Real Estate - $old

  • SOLD!

    Charlottesville 11/6  Gary A. Kenney to Donald L. Kenney, 916 Anderson Street, gift. 11/7  David A. and Amy R. Spence to Thomas Brannock, Trustee, lot on Wine ...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate - Update

  • On the block update

    Address: 3888 Rolling Road   Seen in The Hook : 9/26   Asking: $389,000   Contract price: $375,000   Days on market: 35 days   Seller's Agent:...

Movie Reviews

  • Double-oh-no!

    As Die Another Day went on and on, I was worried about two things: 1) It would never end; and 2) There would be a pop quiz about the plot. With 20 films in 40 years, each t...

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  • Busy courthouses

    It's no news to anyone that real estate transactions are zooming, thanks to record-low interest rates and interest in living in these parts. With the exception of Charlotte...

  • Dove-ville: Locust Grove wages peace on Iraq

    Published November 21, 2002, in issue #42 of The Hook BY LISA PROVENCE LISA@READTHEHOOK.COM Santa Cruz, California; Ithaca, New York; Locust Grove Neighborhood Association?...

  • Observerama: El Jefe has left the building

    No doubt the first reaction of many Observer readers upon hearing that Jeffrey Peyton is no longer publisher is to wonder, what's going to happen to Emma? That's because Pe...

  • XXX-rated ordinance: City wants to regulate adult fun

    Charlottesville's long and colorful history includes brothels, sex shops– and even porn flicks packaged as "businessman's special" matinees at the now abandoned Terra...

Strange But True




  • "Subsidized toadies" pathetic

    Kudos to Courteney Stuart for exposing some of the mess that is Jaunt to your readers ["Cab Wars," November 7, 2002] (

  • Bravo for hunters!

    I enjoyed Suzannah Evans' foxhunting article very much ["Hounded: What's so wrong with foxhunting?" November 14, 2002] (

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4Better Or Worse

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