October 17th, 2002 issue #0137

October 17th, 2002
  • Killer course: a school for civilian snipers

    The would-be warriors at Storm Mountain's Sniper School, not far from where a killer stalks human prey, don't all have their sights set on the same target. Tom Fitzpatrick, a burly, tattooed ex-Marine who still wears his hair "high and tight," had long regretted not qualifying for the Corps' elite sniper unit. The program, which trains soldiers to fire a bullet into an enemy's brain from more than a mile away, discriminates against smokers like Fitzpatrick. Instead, the military taught him to install telephones.

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  • Pump and cover: Petrol purveyors stay the course

    Northern Virginian gas stations have been on high alert since sniper attacks there and in other D.C. suburbs began two weeks ago, but it wasn't until two shootings in Spotsylvania County that Charlottesvillians started to get nervous. The question on everyone's mind: could it happen here? Police officers have intensified their presence all along Route 29, seemingly at every access road and gas station from here to Manassas and beyond.

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  • Stand and deliver: City schools add uniformed officers

    The biggest change at local schools is that Charlottesville has added uniformed officers, already a presence at its middle and high school, to all of its elementary schools at the beginning and end of each school day. Why? "Because it's so close to home," says City spokesman Maurice Jones, referring to the multiple shootings that have reached down from the D.C. area to Manassas, Fredericksburg and Falls Church. Responses from other schools and school systems:

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst side effect of sniper terror: Police at schools and highway overpasses, and tips on how to avoid getting shot while pumping gas, such as crouching behind the gas tank...

The Dish

  • Bitter pill for Vinegar Hill...

     The doors are closed and locked, and the phone's been disconnected, never good signs for a restaurant (or any business, for that matter). What's going on at Vinegar H...

  • Coffee, Tea, or me

    Name: Jenny Logan Restaurant: Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar Position: server Age: 24 Bike or car? car Monopoly or Scrabble? Monopoly Pet peeve: traffic Favorite pet: mixed bree...


  • Emily Couric: One year later

    Nestled within the Woolen Mills village, Riverview Cemetery is set on a hill overlooking a ribbon of the Rivanna River winding behind Pantops Shopping Center. Walking here,...

Real Estate

  • Foreclosures

    October 23, 2002, at 2:30pm at the Albemarle County Courthouse Property: Lot 28, section 1, phase 1, Glenmore Debtor: June A. and Frederick W. West III Originally owing: u...

Real Estate - $old

  • SOLD!

    Charlottesville 8/7  Karen J. Fleetwood to Christopher M. Harris, 714 Levy Avenue, $214,000. Douglas C. Carter and Margaret P. Smith to Ken and Betty Jane Mori, 118...

Real Estate - Off the Block

  • Off the Block: Yogaville-area bunker

    Published October 17, 2002, in issue #37 of the Hook Sale withdrawn  Featured in the March 21, 2002 issue of The Hook  Asking: $1.7 million Square footage: 30,0...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Correction: On the Block date

    CorrectionIn the On the Block column published September 19, 2002, while the correct date was published in the text, the date of the house at 1730 Jefferson Park Avenue was...

  • Slippery slope: Hillside house raises questions

    ASKING: $749,500 SIZE: 3,526 fin. sq. ft YEAR BUILT: 2002 ADDRESS: Dairy Road NEIGHBORHOOD: Rugby/Dairy Road CURB APPEAL: 6 out of a possible 10 LISTED BY: Jane Porter Fog...

Movie Reviews

  • The Ring: It's the denouement, stupid

    The denouement is the scene or the moment at the end of a mystery where everything is explained and with luck the loose ends are tied up. No one who saw The Sixth Sense or ...

Music Reviews

  • Banjoman Bruce: His strings sing

    Somehow through all my years of music listening and appreciation, the banjo has never really struck my fancy. However, the lack of intriguing musicentric events this past w...

  • Where's my Moog? Band raises dreams of glory

    Until last Thursday, I hadn't been to Buddhist Biker Bar in about two years, so nostalgia, as well as the possibility of seeing a band I had never checked out before, was t...


Strange But True


  • The soprano: Goyne rides her voice to Italy

    Christina Goyne is not your average high school senior. At sixteen, she's a year younger than most of her classmates at Monticello High School. (She skipped sixth grade.) A...


  • Larry Tropea: He really is in the Hot Seat

    There was one thing Larry Tropea wasn't told last year before he accepted the job to take charge of the local water supply: We were in a drought that was on its way to beco...


  • Flag's no threat

     Thank you for your cover story on the Confederate battle flag [October 10, 2002, "Heritage or Hate?"] (http://www.readthehook.com/92580/cover-cross-bear-southern-prid...

Cultural preview

  • Games people play: Keeping busy in the parlor

    The roaring ‘20s– jazz, Broadway, Hollywood, and the comic strips. The bobo ‘90s-– Pictionary, Sega, Scrabble, and on-line chess. A fair analogy? These are the ...

  • Goin' up country: Richards' art becomes cheery

    Russell Richards’ new stuff is, in many ways, not much of a departure from his black and wicked City Series. The basic aesthetic is still in place– rubbery, twisted...

  • Life in hell: No Exit in Red Shed

    Offstage Theater, known around town for putting up shows  in quite unlikely places, has a new "home" of sorts. They affectionately call it The Red Shed. You may have s...

  • Martha's back: Market has double mission

    As the leading cause of death among women ages 35-55, breast cancer is bound to affect a wide swath of our population.  An indiscriminate disease that affects a demogr...

  • Martha's back: Market has double mission

    As the leading cause of death among women ages 35-55, breast cancer is bound to affect a wide swath of our population.  An indiscriminate disease that affects a demogr...

  • No secret: Discover Egypt's treasures downtown

    It’s a long way back to the latest rotating exhibit at the Virginia Discovery Museum. Visitors may enter the museum in modern times, but as they make their way to the Bac...

  • Shhhh

    A certain small subset of Charlottesvillians are bound to droll uncontrollably when they hear about the Richmond indie rock group Zetamale, and most of their increased sali...

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4Better Or Worse

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