September 26th, 2002 issue #0134

September 26th, 2002
  • Doomsday: What happens when it's all gone?

    We've heard the dire prediction: no water by December if current water usage rates continue. Daily, we're deluged with drought facts: Reservoirs are at 50-some percent; wells are running dry; car washes have been forced to close. But what happens if we actually hit the bottom of the barrel, zero water? "We can't let that happen," says Bill Brent, executive director of the Albemarle County Service Authority. "We have to take more drastic, more painful measures." Yes, but what happens if they don't work?

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  • Dry days: Dealing with the drought is serious business

    Water. Like air or food, it's a luxury we don't think about until it's gone. Which might be soon. If you're like most people, you haven't ever had to give serious thought to that hot morning shower, or your green, glossy grass or even to cleaning up after a dinner party. Until now, that is.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best rumor for students: That UVA will shut down November 30 because of the water shortage. Provost Gene Block emails everyone in the university community September 23 to d...

The Dish

  • Spanish flies in Belmont

    When Hog Heaven picked up and left its prime location at the epicenter of downtown Belmont, the opportunity was ripe for a businessperson with a hankering to try their hand...


  • Guilty: Why I shop at Wal-Mart

    The guilt hits me as soon as I pull into the parking lot. I know this is wrong. But I don't let it get to me. I try to think of other things like how do they stack those re...

Real Estate

  • Foreclosure auctions

    October 24, 2002, at 11am at the Fluvanna County Courthouse Property: Parcel on Route 2, Fork Union Debtor: Janice C. and Howard W. Bradley Originally owing: $48,798 Bidde...

Real Estate - $old

  • SOLD!

    Charlottesville 6/28  Lucy L. Collier to Philip B. D'Oronzio, 902 Blenheim Avenue, $109,000. Gary M. and Phayvanh K. Nalls to Nathan S. Swami and Margarita M. Figuer...

  • Sold! update

    Published September 26, 2002, in issue #34 of the Hook Address: 584 Link Evans Road Seen in The Hook : 7/11/02 Asking: $159,000 Contract price: $150,000 Days on market...

Real Estate - On the Block

Movie Reviews

  • Sweet Home Alabama

    Hollywood thinks nothing of "reinventing" an old property by slapping a new title on it, changing the setting, shooting it with a different cast, then pretending it's somet...

Music Features

Music Reviews

  • Big vibe: 12-piece band spreads the love

    It can't be easy keeping a 12-piece band together. Personality management, traveling long distances in close quarters, astronomical food and room expenses-­ these things c...

  • Dancin' shoes: Polish `em up! Get ready to move

    I've never really liked dancing. I've never learned one of those fad dances, like the Macarena or the Electric Slide (even in junior high). I don't really like dance music,...


Strange But True

  • Buoyed up

    Q. Swimming instructors will tell you the world divides into two types: "sinkers" and "floaters." If you're a sinker, is there anything you can do about it? ­E. Williams ...


  • Friend or foe: Mike's still a radio wonder

    WNRN founder and general manager Mike Friend is no stranger to controversy. His falling out with WTJU still prompts him to take jabs at his former employer. Recently, Frien...


  • Spare us!

    Well, you've really done it now– gone and printed some musings of Patricia Kluge and passed it off as just good reading ["Hot Seat," September 19, 2002] (http://www.r...

Cultural preview

  • Alive and well: Soccer is king in these parts

    “Americans don’t like soccer,” NPR sports commentator Frank Deford said the other day on Morning Edition. “We know that,” he repeated emphatically. “Americans d...

  • Dark dreams: Regan's canvases cast a spell

    In childhood, painter Jeannine Barton Regan suffered a partial hearing loss. Like most children faced with an added and significant obstacle to communication, Regan reacted...

  • Fish 'n chimps: Forty-Five's hapless fools

    I’m trying to decide what I like best about George Singleton’s new collection of short stories. It might be the title, The Half-Mammals of Dixie, or it might be the jac...

  • New standards: Ostinato redefines the norm

    I was raised on the Beatles, and their lite-punk pop cousins Nirvana, and for a large part of my early life, these were the groups by which I would measure all other popula...

  • Pigs out: Vegetarians stage healthful bash

    Vegetarianism has hit the mainstream. Once associated only with the counterculture or other countries, being vegetarian now ceases to raise eyebrows, And like most good mov...

  • Step up! Curtains open for new acting school

    There’s a new drama school in town, and it's getting good reviews. Barely a year old, Charlottesville School for the Dramatic Arts (CSDA) already offers a full slate of c...

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