September 19th, 2002 issue #0133

September 19th, 2002
  • Bluest skies: The shelved movie that won an Oscar

    Sitting on the shelf can poison a movie. Tastes change; fads change. But one movie with a lot of Charlottesville connections has the distinction of having sat in a can for four years– and then coming into prominence in a big way. It all started way back in 1990 when musician Art Wheeler played a local gig that caught the ear of leading actress and then-Albemarle resident Jessica Lange.

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  • Dave's debut: Disasters stymie Matthews' move into movies

    Charlottesville's most famous singer has suffered a strange setback to his fledgling film career. For over two years, footage of his first feature film has been stuck in film cans, and a tug-of-war may soon erupt over the movie's ownership.

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  • Locals only: Wagner vows to get Anjlz off the shelf

    Charlottesville's Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Paul Wagner, recently announced plans to make his second feature film. Unlike his first dramatic feature, Windhorse, shot surreptitiously on location in Tibetan China, this one is all local– with volunteer actors, a shoestring budget, and weekend shootings at a Free Union mansion. "I've referred to it as a cinematic Live Arts," says Wagner.

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  • Sticky Mickey: Could Bronx scandal have halted local film?

    A Little League pitcher leads his team to the World Series, but papers falsified by his father make the star appear younger than he really is. This is the story of Danny Almonte, the Bronx Baby Bombers' pitcher who ran afoul of age regulations causing his team to be disqualified in the big game. But it's also the story of "Mickey," the title character of a G-rated flick created by two local media titans– before the real-life scandal broke in the Bronx.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst downward trend: The water level of local reservoirs, despite last weekend's rain, continues to fall. Best NIMBY story of the week: John Grisham, keynote speaker at a...

The Dish

  • Beggars love her leftovers

    Name: Rachel Vrooman Restaurant: Escafé Position: waitress Age: 23 Cold weather or hot weather? Cold Biggest food weakness? Key lime pie Do you follow any of the reality ...

  • Kluge mixes oil and wine

    "I'll have a bottle of your best Bordeaux and $20 of high-test, please." Pairing a fine wine and gasoline might seem a little unlikely, but you just might find yourself utt...


  • Born to be bad? My genes made me do it

    Are criminals born or made? A study published recently in Science suggests they're made, but some people provide better raw material than others. The study involved the gen...

Real Estate

  • Foreclosure auctions

    REAL ESTATE- FORECLOSURE AUCTIONS REAL ESTATE- FORECLOSURE AUCTIONS Published September 19, 2002, in issue #33 of the Hook September 23, 2002, at 1pm at the Nelson County ...

Real Estate - $old

  • SOLD!

    Charlottesville  6/24 Shirley H., Keith T., and Tammy L. Herring to Kelly W. McDonald and Lynn I. Maziarz, 1208 Agnese Street, $138,400. Soggy Bottom of Virginia Inc....

Real Estate - On the Block

  • On the block update

    Published September 18, 2002 in issue #33 of the Hook Address: 805 Belmont Avenue Seen in The Hook : 04/04/2002 Asking: $219,000 Contract price: $216,000 Days on mark...

  • On the brink: Save this JPA mansion!

    ASKING: $650,000 SIZE: main house: 3,148 fin. sq. ft., 1,552 unfin.cottage: 678 fin. sq. ft. ADDRESS: 1730 Jefferson Park Avenue NEIGHBORHOOD: JPA/UVA CURB APPEAL: 7 out of...

Movie Reviews

  • Hoppin'

    Looking for a change of pace, I headed to Starr Hill to catch the band Carbon Leaf, which have received considerable press in recent months since they won the Coca-Cola New...

  • Plucked clean: Four Feathers mostly fluff

    As a product of the U.S. educational system, I'm as ignorant about history as President Bush, but with less severe repercussions in my case. Reported historical inaccuracie...

Music Features

  • Ian Mackaye interview

    Journalists have spilled more than a decade's worth of ink trying to explain Fugazi. Their policy of $5 shows and $10 CDs, their snubbing of mainstream venues and press, an...

Music Reviews

  • Life-long love: Pianist's talent inspiring

    I respect people who refuse to rust. When I come across those who have nurtured their talents for years with unwavering passion, balancing aspirations with a grounded prag...


Strange But True

  • Babble on

    Q: Linguistically speaking, who are the true "citizens of the world"? ­J. Piaget A: They are newborns, whose ears take in the sounds of life, including the phonemic build...




  • Toasters not taxing

    Thanks for running the article on The Toaster Museum (– we appreciate the continued intere...

Cultural preview

  • Art imitates... Not our life, but don't we wish

    As even the semi-saavy are now well aware, merchandisers like J-Crew, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Pottery Barn have gone beyond simply and straight-forwardly advertising the...

  • Druid yourself: Pagans celebrate fall harvest

    All religions celebrate feast days in some manner or other, but although the reasons may be similar, the manifestations can vary dramatically. Fortunately, our country allo...

  • Tart or sweet: Carter Mountain has them all

    As days turn cooler and fall fragrances fills the air, it won’t be long ‘til we’re playing in piles of crisp, colorful leaves and sipping steamy mugs of hot apple cid...

  • The Sal Show

    Call Sal Milione a busy man. He's recently taken the production helm for the monthly showcase of local singer/musicians, Acoustic Charlottesville [Tunes, “Live Arts Hosts...

  • What's next? Hitting it big right out of the box

    Few rock bands, even the ones we regard as “the greats,” hit on a signature sound right out of the starting gate. Paul McCartney’s “I’ve Just Seen a Face” start...