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Song Song's Zhou & Bing

106 5th Street SE, Charlottesville, VA
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Less than $25 (average dinner bill for 2 excluding alcohol)
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The menu is simple, featuring zhou, a kind of porridge that the Chinese have been eating for thousands of years; and bing, a wheat flour-based flattened bread that's filled with things like pork and leeks. Owner Song Song says that everything is made from scratch, with no MSG or color additives. A pork and leek bing is just $2.50, and a porridge of hearty zhou is just $2, which, Song says, improves the health of the stomach, bowels, and kidneys.

Jan 2012: Healthy Chinese: Song Song's Zhou & Bing

The HooK
Healthy home style Chinese food. Made from scratch. No MSG or color additive.
Song Song's Zhou & Bing
Song Song wants you to eat healthy, inexpensive Chinese food on the Downtown Mall.


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