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    Brazilian delicacies and extensive wine list. Best place to get a caipirinha and heart of palm salad. Hidden beside the old Whole Foods spot in Shopper's World.

Balkan Bistro and Bar

1003 West Main Street, Charlottesville, VA
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$41-60 (average dinner bill for 2 excluding alcohol)
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The owners started out selling baked goods at City Market. Now they're making their own kielbasa and other sausages, along with baklava. Only place in town to get beer from Croatia, Slovenia, and Russia. And they have a happy hour with $4 shots of Slilovitz plum brandy.

<a href="http://www.readthehook.com/98605/balkan-bistro-and-bar">News July 2011– Balkan Bistro emerges.</a>

The HooK
We are family owned restaurant and we cook our food from the hearth. Our food is fresh, local and we use family recepies through out the day and through out the menu. We started in 2006 at the Charlottesville farmers market selling baked goods, like baklava, homemade phyllo, meat pies, cheese and spinach pies, strudle and much more. In 2008 we opened Balkan Bakery & Cafe on W Water Street. Two years latter Balkan Bistro & Bar was born on 1003 West Main Street.
Balkan Bistro and Bar




West Main




Lunch Tues-Fri 10am-2pm; Dinner Tue-Sat 5pm-9pm


Outdoor Dining
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