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    Buffet Style restaurant that includes Sushi.


120-B E. Main St. , Charlottesville, VA
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$86+ (average dinner bill for 2 excluding alcohol)
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Upscale sushi spot over Blue Light Grill flies in fresh seafood from Hawaii and other exotic ports for diners' culinary edification. Kobe beef on unique petrified-oak grill adds to the allure.

Review: Perfect Ten? Close, but no dessert

The HooK
The Japanese word ten can mean €œ"heaven," "above," or "celebration" and the dining experience at TEN modern Japanese restaurant is all of these things. TEN approaches traditional Japanese dishes as if they were works of modern art. The superior ingredients are the building blocks of inspiration and the plates are crafted to please both the palate and the eye. Superior products are used and the seafood arrives daily from fishing auctions in Japan and Hawaii. Beyond the incredibly fresh sushi, the menu features a variety of hot and cold ala carte items and offers many choices for vegetarians as well as non-seafood eaters.


Far east


Downtown Mall


Dinner served Tuesday through Saturday


No smoking
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