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    Thai and Asian fusion now operated by a pair of old friends from Siam aka Thailand. And, as far as they know, this is the only place in town serving Kao Soi, a northern Thai egg-noodle dish. Jan...

St. Maarten Cafe

1400 Wertland St., Charlottesville, VA
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Less than $25 (average dinner bill for 2 excluding alcohol)
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Burgers, sandwiches, 3 temperatures of wings 15 different flavors. Booth seating, weeknight specials, late-night menu. Students and locals alike aspire to be part of the infamous "Coconut Club."

March 2012: Saintly move? Poet thieves return St. Maarten's sign

March 2012: St. Maarten Café set to re-open

The HooK
No matter where the tradewinds take you, Maartens is always your port of call ... welcome home!
St. Maarten Cafe


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Late Night


The Corner


11am-2am Mon-Sat


No smoking anywhere
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