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    This diner has been operating for over 30 years right near the corner of Emmet and Ivy, and in recent years its historic Italian food has taken a backseat to the breakfast that's served all day. Open...

Mrs. Rowe's Restaurant & Bakery

74 Rowe Road, Staunton, VA
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Less than $25 (average dinner bill for 2 excluding alcohol)
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Never been there...anyone?

The HooK
Mrs. Rowe's draws people back with friendliness and great home cooking—spoon bread, sausage gravy, breakfast scrabble (or pon haus), real mashed potatoes, stuffed peppers, fruit pies, banana pudding, and other foods you might expect to find in your grandmother's kitchen
Mrs. Rowe's Restaurant & Bakery






Breakfast Daily 7-10:45
Lunch/Dinner Mon-Sat 10:45-8pm
Sun 10:45-7pm
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