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    The Dragon Lady runs a smooth chop suey business.

Lafayette Inn

146 E. Main Street, Standardsville, VA
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$41-60 (average dinner bill for 2 excluding alcohol)
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Great place for sophisticated southern cuisine, including shrimps and grits, cakebread chicken, and steak Diane. Monthly wine pairing dinners. Awarded 2006 "Restaurant of the Year" by the Virginia Food & Wine Association.

The HooK
As in the past, The Lafayette offers the best of Virginia; a nineteenth century setting with fine foods, comfort and hospitality. The Lafayette Inn will continue the tradition of being one of Virginia's hottest Sunday Brunch destinations, while adding subtle enhancements for today's living styles, yet preserving the aura it's known for
Lafayette Inn




Route 29 North


Thursday-Friday- Lunch and Dinner, 11:30-8:30 // Saturday- Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, 8:30-8:30 //Sunday- Breakfast/Brunch/Dinner, 8:30-8:30 // Lunch served in Tavern with casual tavern menu. Dining room lunch service available with formal lunch menu. Breakfast served daily for Inn guests.
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