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    Spiffy up-scale gelato emporium on the Mall. Close your eyes while you savor the creamy smooth gelatos and sorbets and you'll swear you're in Venezia. And of course, being an Italian gelato place,...

Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard

Two locations: Woodbrook shopping center, Route 29 North and 250 East just past the 64 exit ramp. , Charlottesville, VA
975-4651, 296-0041
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Less than $25 (average dinner bill for 2 excluding alcohol)
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Tasty frozen custard in an impossibly bright atmosphere.Two locations: Woodbrook Shopping Center on 29 and Route 250 just past the 64 exit ramp.

The HooK
We offer single flavors or twist combinations - from traditional vanilla and distinctive chocolate to our wide variety of real fruit and other delicious flavors. Kohr Bros.® Frozen Custard is the foundation for our shakes and malts, refreshing Cruisin' Smoothies®, scrumptious Snowstorms® and tempting sundaes. Kohr Bros.® Frozen Custard continues to delight customers of all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens. With less fat and sugar than ice cream, Kohr Bros.® has broad-based customer appeal that suits every taste.What is frozen custard? Click here to learn more.
Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard


Ice Cream


Route 29 North
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