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    Guinness on tap, South African wines and fare. Curry corn chowder and ginger salmon with mango salsa and homemade sausages and breads. April 2009: Kitchen Confidential: Ian Sigmund, The Shebeen...

Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard

Two locations: Woodbrook shopping center, Route 29 North and 250 East just past the 64 exit ramp. , Charlottesville, VA
975-4651, 296-0041
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Less than $25 (average dinner bill for 2 excluding alcohol)
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Tasty frozen custard in an impossibly bright atmosphere.Two locations: Woodbrook Shopping Center on 29 and Route 250 just past the 64 exit ramp.

The HooK
We offer single flavors or twist combinations - from traditional vanilla and distinctive chocolate to our wide variety of real fruit and other delicious flavors. Kohr Bros.® Frozen Custard is the foundation for our shakes and malts, refreshing Cruisin' Smoothies®, scrumptious Snowstorms® and tempting sundaes. Kohr Bros.® Frozen Custard continues to delight customers of all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens. With less fat and sugar than ice cream, Kohr Bros.® has broad-based customer appeal that suits every taste.What is frozen custard? Click here to learn more.
Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard


Ice Cream


Route 29 North
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