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FOOD- THE DISH- Fall classic: Nook serves up breakfast, baseball
Published on Oct 11th, 2007
0 comments During October, the Nook on the Downtown Mall promises to be the place to watch the Fall classic. FILE PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO For years, The Nook on the Downtown Mall has been listed as a "...
FOOD- THE DISH- On tap: Nelson County's new beer garden
Published on Oct 4th, 2007
0 comments Taylor Smack, his wife, Mandi, and friend Matt Nucci expect to open their Blue Mountain Brewery on October 23.PHOTO COURTESY MATT NUCCI According to brewmaster Taylor Smack, he, his wife, Mandi, and...
FOOD- THE DISH- Baggby's & Moore's Creek: Names change, spirits endure
Published on Sep 27th, 2007
0 comments Amy Bishop (left), husband Lee, and mom Vicky Branham recently took over the Baggby's Forest Lakes spot and renamed it Café LaJoi.PHOTO BY WILL WALKER Two longtime favorites have kept their phone...
FOOD-THE DISH- Mystery restaurant: New place adds to Belmont renaissance
Published on Sep 20th, 2007
0 comments Restaurateur Adam Frazier outside his yet-unnamed restaurant in historic Downtown Belmont.PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR It looks like historic Downtown Belmont's culinary renaissance is continuing to blossom...
FOOD-THE DISH- Mobile Mexican: Tracking down the mysterious 'taco truck'
Published on Sep 13th, 2007
FOOD-THE DISH- Christian's everywhere! Multiple shops open, and late night on the Corner
Published on Sep 6th, 2007
0 comments The new Corner Christian's Pizza should be open as this hits the stands– and will be the first late-night Christian's, serving up slices until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights.PHOTO BY DAVE As...
FOOD-THE DISH- Dew Drop out? Old <i>Waltons</i> joint closes doors
Published on Aug 31st, 2007
2 comments Will Trager guides his beans through the roasting process in an antique roaster. Will and his brother Joe, of Higher Grounds fame, recently opened their own roastery in Lovingston. PHOTO BY JEN...
FOOD-THE DISH- Improvable feast: Montiel opens new brasserie
Published on Aug 23rd, 2007
0 comments Dinner At Home owner Ashley Hightower may not have her own place, but she just might turn yours into a perfect "night out" venue. PHOTO BY WILL WALKER Given the fact that the panorama of local...
FOOD-THE DISH- Done deals! Aroma's to move, 2 Sides to open
Published on Aug 16th, 2007
FOOD-THE DISH- Carlton rocks! B double-E double-R U-N!
Published on Aug 9th, 2007
0 comments Safety hazard? Last year's Wunderkammer event in the Frank Ix building.FILE PHOTO BY BILLY HUNT Woolen Mills Point, the new building on the corner of Meade Avenue and Carlton Road, a seemingly...
FOOD-THE DISH- Fuel Co. future? 'Labor of love' due new concept
Published on Jul 26th, 2007
FOOD-THE DISH- Iron chefs? Chefs display culinary metal
Published on Jul 19th, 2007
FOOD-THE DISH- Bastille Day at Zinc: Gastropub promises reign of <i>tartare</i>
Published on Jul 12th, 2007
0 comments Zinc's Thomas Leroy and Vu Nguyen are doing it up right for Bastille Day.PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR As Dish suspected, Zinc will turn its little section of West Main into the Champs-Elysées Saturday,...
FOOD-THE DISH- Starr to Satellite: Off the Hill, into the Ballroom
Published on Jul 5th, 2007
FOOD- THE DISH- Chaps appeal: Old friend to get new face
Published on Jun 28th, 2007
0 comments Last weekend, Chaps owner Tony LaBua began "exploratory" work on the new entrance and facade of his familiar ice cream shop.PHOTO BY WILL WALKER For 22 years, Chaps Ice Cream has stood like time's...
FOOD- THE DISH- Cups of Joe's: Local roaster opens espresso bar
Published on Jun 21st, 2007
0 comments Shenandoah Joe's owner Dave Fafara invites customers of his new expresso bar to visit the on-premisis roasting facility. PHOTO BY WILL WALKER Whether you know it or not, you've probably been...
FOOD- THE DISH- Sound bites: Have Belmont fooderies gotten too noisy?
Published on Jun 14th, 2007
0 comments   La Taza owner Melissa Easter says that neighbors complaining about the music at her Belmont restaurant are "getting worked up over something that really isn't a big deal." PHOTO BY...
FOOD- THE DISH- Attempted Mall heist: Did Splendoracam capture bandit?
Published on Jun 7th, 2007
0 comments Splendora's security camera may have captured the gun-toting bandit who tried to rob the Union Bank Trust on June 1. PHOTO COURTESY SPLENDORA'S Like other folks on the Downtown Mall, it appears that...
FOOD- THE DISH- Sideways on the Mall: VAvino becomes enoteca
Published on May 31st, 2007
0 comments Megan Headley and co-manager Marisa Catalano will take you to Italy via enoteca, the Mall's new Italian wine bar.PHOTO BY WILLIAM WALKER For several years now, Virginia oenophiles on the Mall have...
FOOD- THE DISH- Slow food revolution! Put money where your mouth is
Published on May 24th, 2007
0 comments Kate Collier and her crew at Café Feast! hope folks will put their money where their mouths are and buy local.PHOTO BY WILLIAM WALKER Now that the organic food movement has become mainstream...
FOOD- THE DISH- Release the hounds! Brit-inspired pub takes Blue Bird spot
Published on May 17th, 2007
0 comments Horse and Hound owners Luther and Brooke Fedora hope to open up in the old Blue Bird Café space in mid-June. PHOTO BY WILLIAM WALKER The renaissance on West Main we wrote about two weeks ago...
FOOD- THE DISH- ArtinBar: 'Artini' party strikes again.
Published on May 10th, 2007
0 comments Artist Aaron Eichorst presents his vision for the Second Street Gallery's second annual Artini fundraiser.PHOTO COURTESY SEQUOIA DESIGN COMPANY Second Street Gallery's popular Artini fundraiser is...
FOOD- THE DISH- Maya of life: A renaissance on West Main?
Published on May 3rd, 2007
1 comments Almost a year ago (May 11 to be exact), we waved good-bye to Southern Culture on West Main and waxed nostalgic about the nightlife in that section of the city when Southern, the Blue Bird Café,...
FOOD- THE DISH- Hamdingers: Not an everyday hot-dog cart
Published on Apr 26th, 2007
2 comments When you think of fast food on the Downtown Mall, what comes to mind? We're talking five minutes tops to grab a bite. Pizza, dumplings, hot-dogs, burgers– that's about it for super-speedy...
FOOD- THE DISH-Night moves: Court Square Inn gets dinner-friendly
Published on Apr 19th, 2007
0 comments Back in February, the Inn at Court Square received special mention in the Washington Post for being one of the Old Dominion's "most gay-friendly hotels."  "The Post writer said he visited a...
FOOD- THE DISH- New Brix mix: Caf&#xe9; brings Tuscany to Pantops
Published on Apr 12th, 2007
2 comments After eight years running the funky little Brix Marketplace eatery on Route 53, owner Karen Laetare has moved on to bigger thing. On March 31, Laetare opened Brix Terrace Café, an Italian-...
FOOD- THE DISH- Bye, bye little guys: La Cucina's sad farewell a portent?
Published on Apr 5th, 2007
0 comments Last time we spoke to La Cucina owners Franky and Meridith Benincasa, it was to say they'd defied the "curse" on the space they occupied. At the time, they were celebrating their third anniversary at...
FOOD- THE DISH- Smoke screen: Gov Kaine slips in smoking ban
Published on Mar 29th, 2007
0 comments As Democratic Senator Creigh Deeds predicted in this column two weeks ago, Governor Tim Kaine wants to ban smoking in every restaurant in the state. "This bill is basically a stategic move to get it...
FOOD- THE DISH- Sweet deal: One essay and you're a restaurateur!
Published on Mar 22nd, 2007
0 comments How much does it cost to open a restaurant? If you have a way with words... er, ah... it could cost you only $199! Instead of putting her two-year old Palmyra restaurant, Sweet Peas Bistro, up for...
Zinc-speak: Meet you at the gastropub?
Published on Mar 15th, 2007
0 comments Sometime before the end of March, British and French forces will collide on West Main in the old White Orchid space. However, unlike Waterloo, this collision is a friendly one, designed to fuse the...