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Snap: Cops on bikes
Published on Aug 7th, 2011
2 comments Charlottesville Police appear to be doing some sort of training as they ride along the Downtown Mall. Police are the only citizens permitted to pedal on the pedestrian park.
Snap: What's left of Woolen Mills Dam
Published on Aug 6th, 2011
3 comments Nearly four years after most of it was removed, the stone block remnants of the Woolen Mills Dam still stand along the Rivanna River in the Woolen Mills neighborhood.
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Published on Jul 28th, 2011
3 comments COVERFlawsNow flush with money, the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority is spinning figures to back its pro-dam position even as new reports suggest dredging would provide ample water for decades...
The Tale of Colin and Gillian
Published on Jul 25th, 2011
0 comments The Decemberists became arguably the most intellectually intimidating art-rockers of the new century thus far largely because they spent nearly a decade writing increasingly complex music...
Turks Gap Road
Published on Jul 24th, 2011
11 comments Two kids (who just finished swimming at "Blue Hole" on the south fork of the Moormans River) step off Turks Gap Road– one of the historic highways severed by the 75-year ago creation of the...
Blue Hole on a hot day
Published on Jul 23rd, 2011
7 comments On a Saturday that hit 96 in town, temperatures– particularly the water temperatures– were significantly cooler in Blue Hole, a swimming hole just outside the Shenandoah National Park in...
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Published on Jul 20th, 2011
0 comments COVERPrimary primerWith the Democratic primary for City Council (and Clerk of Court) just weeks away, it's time to meet the candidates and find out just what they'd do if voted into office. Will...
Downward dog days: New yoga biz stretches outdoors
Published on Jul 14th, 2011
1 comments The options for doing yoga in Charlottesville already run the gamut from relaxing Hatha to vigorous Ashtanga to oh-so-sweaty Bikram, performed in a heated room. Jacqueline Wilde saw an opportunity to...
Borrowed Inspiration: Local alt-pop-rockers drop delicious debut release
Published on Jul 14th, 2011
5 comments Let's be honest: local musician Adam Brock doesn't need much motivation to spur his songwriting– a quick glance over his track record more than proves that. The frontman of the burgeoning...
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Published on Jul 14th, 2011
0 comments COVERShenandoah's 75thWhether you're riding along Skyline Drive, hiking, biking or camping, the Shenandoah National Park is best known for its numerous recreational activities and glorious views. It...
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Published on Jul 6th, 2011
0 comments COVERHidden gardenTucked away between Park Street and 250, Rock Hill gardens have a rich history– and thanks to hundreds of volunteers, they may also have a rich future. Will the city step up?...
Down the drain... for a purpose
Published on Jun 30th, 2011
3 comments A fire hydrant on downtown's Altamont Street has been running all day in an attempt to clear the line of water in order to make repairs to a line underneath nearby High Street, according to a worker...
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Published on Jun 29th, 2011
0 comments COVERWhatever happened?Did you ever wonder if The Main Street Arena is making money or if more geese will be killed around the airport? And what about The Jefferson School? This week, the Hook checks...
Snap: Rooftop Services
Published on Jun 29th, 2011
0 comments After peeling back the standing seam metal roof, a team from a locally-based company called Roof Top Services peels a backing from a self-stick membrane– what appears to be Grace Ice &...
Property transfers
Published on Jun 23rd, 2011
0 comments 10/25Linda B. Hicks to Claire H. Mihalski, 0.27 acres at 1208 Bixham Lane, Fieldbrook, $250,000.Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 2.1070 acres at 1524 Harris Creek...
Published on Jun 23rd, 2011
0 comments COVERTravel tricksSo you wanna go to California or Costa Rica this summer? You might find that just getting to your plane takes as much time as you'll spend in the air. The Hook's editor offers tips...
Property transfers
Published on Jun 16th, 2011
0 comments 10/18Gary S. and Wendy L. Yarno to Robert Neal and Susan Spessard Comstock, 154.562 acres at 3100 Gilbert Station Road, $870,000.Edge Valley Preservation LLC to Joseph P. and Denise D. McMenamin, 5....
Open house
Published on Jun 10th, 2011
0 comments Enjoy free yoga and meditation classes, a family-friendly drum circle, free facials and massages, sno cones by Kona Ice and other healthy snacks, and a poetry reading in the evening. Fun for the...
Parkway panic: Rooker vexed as Dorrier rekindles Bypass
Published on Jun 9th, 2011
63 comments Taking the reins from the late Charlotte Humphris, Dennis Rooker built his political career on fighting the Western Bypass, a much-maligned planned freeway that would rip through hills and...
Property transfers
Published on Jun 9th, 2011
0 comments NOT PUBLISHED IN PRINT AS TOO OLD.......   ALBEMARLE10/12Samuel I. White, trustee, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., parcel in Foxcroft, $338,565.Josephine T. Feggans to Larry Snead, 5.1...
Snap: The Kona Ice man cometh
Published on Jun 2nd, 2011
0 comments With June 1 temperatures pushing past 90 degrees and humidity like a high school locker room, the Kona Ice truck cruised through Crozet with a welcome blast of cool ice and fruity syrups.
Person dead after train encounter in Scottsville
Published on Jun 1st, 2011
21 comments An eastbound train and a person who may have been dead, unconscious, or simply lying on train tracks in Scottsville made for a grisly scene Wednesday morning. Officials were called to Ferry Street,...
Well, this Bonnaroo ticket giveaway is certainly our biggest contest ever
Published on May 23rd, 2011
87 comments Goodness, the guys operating the online concert ticket marketplace StubHub are just dead set on starting your summer off properly, aren't they? This month they're sending pop-savvy blues-rockers...
Snap: We stand for freedom...
Published on May 2nd, 2011
1 comments An American flag, made of glazed tiles handmade by schoolchildren, hangs on the second floor of the main Albemarle County Office Building.
Snap: When Rugby Road is 3 buses wide
Published on May 1st, 2011
5 comments How serious are local officials about getting beverage-minded students to and from the Foxfield races? Serious enough to let motorcoaches take over Rugby Road on the Saturday morning of the...
Snap: Clouds cleared over West Main
Published on Apr 29th, 2011
0 comments This was the scene early Thursday afternoon, April 28, after the rain stopped falling on a succession of rain storms that helped reduce some of the rainfall deficit that has been plaguing the area....
Ivy tornado: The story of the killer twister of 1959
Published on Apr 28th, 2011
2 comments With the deadliest tornado day in decades having just hit the South, it's interesting to note that in 1959 calamity struck when tornadoes killed 12 Charlottesville-area people one day–...
New owner of Kluge winery suffers political setback
Published on Apr 27th, 2011
72 comments Donald Trump, the man who would be president and the man who bought a foreclosed local winery, suffered a setback April 27, as the actual president unveiled his actual birth certificate, showing that...
Snap: Rainbow after the storm
Published on Apr 27th, 2011
1 comments The storm that roared through Charlottesville in the early evening of Tuesday, April 26 left behind an attractive rainbow. The storm dropped pea-sized hail and what appeared to be at least an inch of...
Ending speculation: Katie Couric says she's leaving Evening News
Published on Apr 26th, 2011
2 comments Katie Couric, the UVA grad with the stellar broadcast news career, has ended weeks of speculation by announcing that she has decided to end her tenure at the helm of the CBS Evening News, leaving the...