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Shirts and skins and sand
Published on Feb 29th, 2012
0 comments Spring started early thanks to the UVA volleyball team's swanky newish sand courts near University Avenue.
Where has all the snow gone?
Published on Feb 28th, 2012
2 comments The National Weather Service is calling for a 100 percent chance of rain Wednesday with a lesser chance for most of the other days in the near future besides Thursday the 1st of March. So will this...
Case of cop accused of rape continued
Published on Feb 28th, 2012
6 comments Former County police officer Sean M. Horn, who arrested and charged with rape on January 5, was scheduled to appear in court Monday, February 27, but the preliminary hearing in the case has been...
Getting pulled: Virginia State Police busy patrolling
Published on Feb 26th, 2012
0 comments   Stories about the shooting • 'He gunned down my sister' • Culpeper Mayor, Police Chief issue statements about Patricia Cook • Controversy mounts in police shooting of housewife The Virginia...
Zimmer-manna! Former Wahoo baseball star nabs $126 million
Published on Feb 26th, 2012
10 comments   Prior stories • Zim catches the prez • Zimmerman chosen for first All-Star Game • UVA alum Zimmerman christens new stadium • In like 'Zim:' Cavalier turned Major Leaguer gears up for '09...
Straight shootin’ with the Heartless Bastards
Published on Feb 24th, 2012
0 comments “Some people call what I create alt-country,” says Heartless Bastards front woman Erika Wennerstrom. “I don’t think I’d label us exactly that,” she adds. The singer, whose strapping vocals could...
Another fatality: State charges hunter for mistaking man for deer
Published on Feb 24th, 2012
33 comments Sadly, the tragic lesson from Ferrum University was not learned by a Chatham-area man who allegedly shot and killed his neighbor after mistaking the innocent citizen for a deer. Related stories •...
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Published on Feb 23rd, 2012
0 comments COVERIntent to kill?After a three-day break, the jury in the first degree murder trial of George W. Huguely IV took up deliberations. Here, a look back at the evidence and unexpected twists of a case...
Snow falls: Packable, throwable blanket precedes Prez Day
Published on Feb 20th, 2012
2 comments It had been the season without a snow accumulation– until the eve of President's Day, when the kiddies would already have the day off from school. Despite the irony, the sleds are sure to come...
Recycling on Park
Published on Feb 19th, 2012
0 comments Recycling on Park Street requires skillful juggling of bins and traffic. (This is the kind of photo someone might take if they were killing time outside the offices of George Huguely's defense...
Huguely's lunch: It arrives daily in a Playmate
Published on Feb 18th, 2012
8 comments How does an on-trial prisoner get his lunch? With food from a Playmate brand cooler apparently. (The eating and drinking habits of this particular prisoner, George W. Huguely V have been in high-...
Winter wallop? Snow forecast up in the air
Published on Feb 17th, 2012
14 comments So far, winter 2012 hasn't been much like winter at all, with temperatures more than three degrees above average and snowfall nearly 14 inches below average. That could all begin to change this...
Illuminating: They might be... dissing me
Published on Feb 17th, 2012
0 comments Brooklyn-based duo They Might Be Giants performed what we think was their sixth Charlottesville concert since we began keeping score in 1990. Along the way, they penned a tune about one of the local...
Some photos: As Huguely trial delayed Thursday
Published on Feb 16th, 2012
35 comments Huguely stories • Not trauma: Brain doc says CPR did the damage • Chasing any: Three women rebuff Huguely meet-ups • Forensic litany: Lots of exhibits, less DNA evidence • Tuesday testimony: Huguely...
Bombshells away: Huguely prosecution readies blood evidence
Published on Feb 13th, 2012
43 comments Day Four Monday, February 13 - AM Monday morning in the trial of accused murderer George Huguely may have launched a few yawns in the courtroom, as literally dozens of photographs and other bits of...
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Published on Feb 9th, 2012
0 comments COVERTen years?Hard to believe, but it's been a decade since the Hook's first issue hit stands, and we haven't stopped digging since. Join us as we take a look back on the biggest, strangest, most...
Day 3: photos of Huguely trial
Published on Feb 8th, 2012
6 comments Photographs from outside the Charlottesville Circuit Court on the morning of Wednesday, February 8. The trial entered its third day with opening arguments from the defense and the prosecution.
Huguely trial: Jury pool narrowed
Published on Feb 7th, 2012
15 comments Day 2 of jury selection in the trial of George Huguely ended with 27 candidates to serve out of the pool of 160 citizens called– enough to set the jury when court resumes Wednesday morning....
More photos from Huguely trial
Published on Feb 7th, 2012
9 comments Photographs from outside the Charlottesville Circuit Court on Monday, February 6. The trial, or at least the jury selection process, entered its second day on Tuesday.
Huguely on trial: Slimmer-- as analyst describes his chances
Published on Feb 6th, 2012
63 comments A jury selection in the first-degree murder trial of George Huguely V began Monday, February 6. The Hook's legal analyst, besides noting that this is the biggest career moment for the lawyers...
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Published on Feb 2nd, 2012
0 comments COVERBloody Sunday?A bill that would allow hunters to open fire on Sunday has opinions split like a carcass before cleaning. Is it a good way to refill Game Department coffers, or an unfair risk to...
Green monster: UVA's ped-stopping fence claims a victim
Published on Jan 28th, 2012
18 comments It took 12 years, but an overnight impalement indicates that the so-called "Green Monster" has claimed its first injury victim. Fire Chief Charles Werner reports that rescue workers arrived at 258...
Charlottesville: Environmental disaster area?
Published on Jan 27th, 2012
28 comments Charlottesvillians are used to making Top Ten lists, but the area's latest ranking is anything but an honor. The Southern Environmental Law Center includes Charlottesville on its "Top Ten Endangered...
Snap: After soaking, Wintergreen gleams
Published on Jan 27th, 2012
2 comments After a band of morning rain showers moved through Central Virginia, the sun broke through to illuminate the slopes of Wintergreen Resort in Nelson County Friday morning. As this view from downtown...
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Published on Jan 26th, 2012
0 comments COVERKeeping tabsSure they keep the drinks flowing, but bartenders do so much more. Part therapist, part cop, part hostess with the mostest, the men and women behind the bars at your favorite local...
Video: Chinese New Year at Chang's
Published on Jan 20th, 2012
0 comments On Sunday, January 15 there was a gathering at Peter Chang's China Grill on Barracks Road to celebrate the Chinese New Year, with the renowned chef himself cooking for a packed house. Videographer...
Blue Ridge commercial
Published on Jan 16th, 2012
0 comments Staunton resident Bill Golden (right) pauses while getting filmed for a video advertising his business which partners investors with people who find distressed properties, something he claims has...
Morris men!
Published on Jan 11th, 2012
1 comments The Albemarle Morris Men enliven the Downtown Mall on a recent afternoon.
Casting call: Kids sought for new tv show
Published on Jan 8th, 2012
2 comments The firm that did the Virginia casting for Steven Spielberg's upcoming feature film on Abe Lincoln is looking for young folks who can dance and act. The producers of "Time Machine Guitar" are seeking...
Raising the roofs
Published on Jan 8th, 2012
1 comments Workers position a truss for a string of townhouses at Pavilions at Pantops, a growing community that launched with a bang– literally, as blasting caused some minor damage at adjacent Fontana...