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Alums for Sullivan: Dragas' top employee sends out emotional video
Published on Jun 23rd, 2012
63 comments "Maybe it was a mistake," says Carol Wood, the spokesperson for UVA, who sent out a link on Saturday morning to an emotional video of alumni standing up in support of ousted President Teresa Sullivan...
'Strangely silent'? Republican lawmakers weigh in on UVA crisis
Published on Jun 22nd, 2012
95 comments Nearly two weeks after UVA Rector Helen Dragas' June 10 announcement that President Teresa Sullivan resigned because of "philosophical differences," local Republican delegates have issued statements...
McDonnell to BOV: Make a final decision or else
Published on Jun 22nd, 2012
65 comments Gov. Bob McDonnell issued a statement today demanding a decision from the UVA Board of Visitors on who will be President of the University by Tuesday, or else he will demand their resignations on...
Decision time: Zeithaml steps back, Cohen suggests reinstatement likely
Published on Jun 22nd, 2012
16 comments Following a June 22 press conference called by Carl Zeithaml, the McIntire School of Commerce dean who was tapped by Rector Helen Dragas to be interim president after Teresa Sullivan's ouster, and...
Dragas' digs: Rector's new farm suggests plan to stick around
Published on Jun 22nd, 2012
45 comments Even if Helen Dragas doesn't remain UVA rector into a second term, she'll have a place fit for a billionaire to entertain friends and colleagues near Charlottesville. Sources indicate– and her...
Message to the Rector
Published on Jun 22nd, 2012
10 comments A passerby gives two thumbs up to a statement painted on Beta Bridge.
Zeithaml suspends presidency: Will wait until BOV votes on Sullivan reinstatement
Published on Jun 22nd, 2012
38 comments The man tapped as the interim president of the University of Virginia has decided to go back to work as the dean of the University's McIntire School of Commerce and cease further negotiations with...
Fast-moving day: Sullivan reinstatement could be happening
Published on Jun 21st, 2012
159 comments The people in the Hook newsroom were trying to write some thoughtful analysis for next week's issue, but then we checked around and realized that events are happening so fast we can't keep up with a...
Taking action: UVA faculty address McDonnell, launch social media sites
Published on Jun 21st, 2012
49 comments Cries for the resignation of embattled UVA Rector have been echoing for days, and they're only getting louder. On Thursday, June 21, 15 faculty members who are also UVA alums sent a letter to...
Zeithaml in charge? Dragas pick embraces Simon, pans Sulli-sack
Published on Jun 20th, 2012
47 comments "I realize that some of you don't trust me," says Carl Zeithaml, the day following his selection by a deeply divided Board of Visitors that followed getting hand-picked to lead the University of...
Resignations begin: Esteemed computer science prof pulls plug
Published on Jun 19th, 2012
86 comments Professor William Wulf began his career at UVA in the early 1960s as the first Ph.D. student in the school's then nascent computer science department. On Tuesday, June 19, he ended his UVA career as...
'Spines need stiffening' Casteen leading protest charge
Published on Jun 16th, 2012
86 comments According to an email sent to colleagues from UVA English Department chair Cynthia Wall on June 16, former UVA President John Casteen has been working to "protest the process, content, and...
NYC event: Kiernan's absence felt, slightly, at Yale Club
Published on Jun 16th, 2012
9 comments One might not know that the Yale Club enforces a business casual dress code from the opulent suits and dresses worn by the UVA and Darden alumni gathered in the club’s mahogany furnished library for...
Do I hear $3.6M? Landmark Hotel bidders chosen w/o Lee
Published on Jun 14th, 2012
10 comments If developer Lee Danielson had any hope of making the winning bid for the shell of the Landmark Hotel he helped erect with partner Halsey Minor, they were dashed today. A document filed in the US...
Sullivan stepping down as UVA President
Published on Jun 10th, 2012
222 comments According to a Sunday email from UVA Rector Helen Dragas, University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan is stepping down August 15, citing a “philosophical difference of opinion” with the Board of...
Saving Bambi
Published on Jun 4th, 2012
19 comments A samaritan who plucked a newborn fawn that had been wandering amid the traffic of Mint Springs Road near Crozet directs a trio of girls to return the errant youth to its mother, a doe who was...
Blood on the bricks
Published on May 31st, 2012
2 comments A six-foot swath of blood drops splattered on the Downtown Mall bricks near the crossing at Second Street greeted people Thursday morning. Police had not responded to an inquiry from the Hook at post...
Bikini bonfire
Published on May 29th, 2012
0 comments In Western Albemarle a bonfire burns as nearly a dozen bikini-clad girls run around it. Must be some sort of Memorial Day ceremony– or else it was a birthday party for the daughter of a pyro.
Made in Louisa: Unique Asian near Walmart
Published on May 28th, 2012
3 comments If you're ever up near the Lowe's or Walmart at Zion Crossroads– and you should check both out for the sheer drop in prices compared to Charlottesville locations– you might want to check...
Those Darlins at the Haven
Published on May 12th, 2012
0 comments Those Darlins helped open the big final weekend of the Tom Tom Founders Festival by performing May 11 at the Haven, the downtown church turned day shelter for down-on-their-luck folks.
Keeping our fountains flowing
Published on May 10th, 2012
1 comments Twobears Burgos is the fountain expert with Charlottesville Parks & Rec, and he's performing maintenance on the Central Place fountain on the Downtown Mall to keep it from getting clogged up....
Caplin theater progresses
Published on Apr 22nd, 2012
2 comments The Ruth Caplin Theatre begins its rise on Culbreth Road. Headed up by Nielsen Construction, the $13.5 million addition to the University of Virginia's drama complex will provide a 300-seat, thrust-...
Sunday morning painting at Madison Hall
Published on Apr 15th, 2012
0 comments While parishioners flocked to nearby St. Paul's Church, a crew of painters spent their Sunday morning painting the exterior of Madison Hall, the UVA building that holds the office of the university...
Tom Tom takes McGuffey
Published on Apr 14th, 2012
0 comments The downtown block party to kick off a month's worth of events for the inaugural Tom Tom Founders Festival took place as planned April 13 with a blocked-off Second Street NW in front of the McGuffey...
Wisterious house blooms with abandonment
Published on Apr 10th, 2012
0 comments Wisteria thrives at a seemingly unoccupied dwelling in Blackwells Hollow, in the northwest corner of Albemarle. Photographed April 8.
Foreboding sky over the Tuckahoe
Published on Mar 30th, 2012
0 comments With River Road's Tuckahoe condominium in the background under a stormy sky in later March, two boys walk through the Country Club of Virginia. (The longtime manager of Farmington Country Club, Phil...
Snow falls: Schools let it accumulate before opening/closing
Published on Mar 5th, 2012
25 comments Charlottesville and Albemarle public schools' transportation directors have spoken. 'Tis better to let the snow pile up than to transport the kiddies right now when the morning commute and low...
Cuccinelli kibbosh: Supreme Court denies Mann demand
Published on Mar 2nd, 2012
24 comments The Virginia Supreme Court rejects Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's demand for UVA to turn over records relating to climate scientist Michael Mann's work. The Roanoke Times has the story.
Loch Leigh at sunset
Published on Mar 1st, 2012
1 comments Just a recent sunset near Ivy.
Video: Brookville's Harrison Keevil: 'We have no boundaries'
Published on Mar 1st, 2012
9 comments Since chef/owner Harrison Keevil opened Brookville Restaurant on the Downtown Mall, his personal, experimental "We-have-no-boundaries" style of cooking may not have pleased everyone who has sat down...