"Barbors" and big bucks
Published on Apr 8th, 2004
0 comments Somehow, the term "barbor shop" crept into the name of a new salon in last week's story about renewal on West Main. The salon's name is simply JNT Hair Design. (And we, too, have no idea what a "...
Email address, bad heading, and we don't know our own judge
Published on Apr 1st, 2004
0 comments In last week's essay, Steven Turner's email address should have been In last week's food section, the Asian restaurants mistakenly ran under the "Brunch" heading. In last week's...
No credit lines on cover
Published on Feb 26th, 2004
0 comments The Hook omitted the author's and the photographer's bylines on last week's excellent cover story on Staunton. It was penned by Laura Parsons and shot by Jen Fariello. #  
Bad captions everywhere!
Published on Feb 12th, 2004
0 comments The Hook's usual caption writer– we'll call him "John Doh"– must have been sleeping on the job last week. We misspelled the name of City Public Works director Judith...
Kariel worked on Terraces, too
Published on Jan 29th, 2004
0 comments While architect Giovanna Galfione did the original design of the Terraces mixed use complex featured in last week's cover story, the architect of record on the project is another Charlottesville...
Misspelled name
Published on Jan 29th, 2004
0 comments Donna Goings' name was misspelled in a photo credit in an article about Howard Dean supporters. The Hook regrets the error. #  
Missed date missed
Published on Jan 22nd, 2004
0 comments A January 15 news story, "Behind Bars: High Living Scammer Pleads Guilty," incorrectly stated the court date Will Morrell missed with Margaret Jackson. It was May 7. #
Bad math on house
Published on Jan 8th, 2004
0 comments The "Real Estate Round-up" in the December 25 issue of The Hook contained inaccuracies about the property for sale on Far Fields Lane. The sales price includes four structures, and the correct...
Boise's in Idaho
Published on Dec 11th, 2003
0 comments Worst geography skills: Last week's 4 Better or Worse incorrectly identified the state in which Boise's Humanitarian Bowl is played. It's Idaho. #  
She goes to Goddard
Published on Dec 4th, 2003
0 comments Published December 4, 2003, in issue #0248 of The Hook The November 27 installment of The Fearless Consumer, "Dell spell: When backup is key," misstated the college the consumer attends. It's Goddard...
What is Light House? Who is the publicist?
Published on Nov 27th, 2003
0 comments * Regarding the November 13 "Photophile" page, Light House is a training ground for teen video makers. * The Hook recently ran two stories about galleries taking action against Thomas Kinkade, "...
Wrong funding source, wrong county, wrong caption
Published on Nov 6th, 2003
0 comments Last week's 4Better or Worse contained two inaccuracies: * It identified the Piedmont Environmental Council as the source of a $5,500 donation to Scottsville district Board of Supervisors candidate...
Wrong speaker and wrong spelling
Published on Oct 30th, 2003
0 comments Regarding the October 16 cover story, "Saving Sarah: Satan worship, sex abuse, and Dr. Martin Stein": * the alleged statement made to Tom Manuel that he could be arrested at "any time" came not from...
Attempted rape maxes out at 10 years
Published on Oct 23rd, 2003
0 comments The maximum penalty for felony attempted rape was incorrectly reported in a news story last week. It is 10 years. #
Published on Oct 16th, 2003
0 comments Felicia Rogan's first name was misspelled in really big letters in the title of the October 9 HotSeat. #
misattribution and misspelling
Published on Sep 25th, 2003
0 comments * The September 18 "4 Better or Worse" should have credited Claudia Pinto for her story on the UVA prof drawing angry letters from Dear Abby fans. * The last name of the consumer in last week's "...
Correction: On officer's name
Published on Sep 11th, 2003
0 comments Last week's "4Better or Worse" incorrectly identified Greene County Sgt. Rodney Davis. The Hook regrets the error.  
No apartment, Fair credit, Music Resource Center
Published on Sep 4th, 2003
0 comments * Last week's cover story, "Flooded House," mistakenly added a basement apartment to Ken and Heidi Vanderford's duplex. * A photo illustrating an article on the Albemarle County Fair in the August 22...
Lots o' misspellings
Published on Aug 28th, 2003
0 comments In our last edition, our proofreader was on vacation (really!), and the following names were misspelled: Mary Joy Scala, Butch and Astrid Bailey, Mark Edmundson, and Hillary Clinton. Welcome back,...
Misspelled name
Published on Aug 14th, 2003
0 comments Published August 14, 2003 in issue #0232 of The Hook Karen Quillen's name was misspelled in the July 31 story about All Things Pawssible ["Dogged daycare: Play yard shut down"].  
Naming problems
Published on May 15th, 2003
0 comments * Sarah Teplitzky's name was misspelled in "Snow Daze" in the April 10 issue of The Hook. * In the April 24 issue, in a news story entitled, "Pioneer women: Is there gold across the tracks?" the name...
Scott Stadium did exist
Published on May 8th, 2003
0 comments Contrary to an assertion in our story about the Virginia Rugby Football Club, [Facetime, May 1, 2003: "On the ball: Revived rugby club lures 'old boys'"] Scott Stadium has always had tens of...
Correction: Haysom convicted in 1987
Published on Apr 10th, 2003
0 comments Accessory to murder Elizabeth Haysom pleaded guilty and was convicted in the deaths of her parents in 1987; her then-boyfriend Jens Soering is the one who was convicted in 1990.  
Correction: on a house price
Published on Mar 20th, 2003
0 comments In last week's Real Estate Update column, the selling price of the house at 1820 Dairy Road should have been, as noted in today's Sold! listings, $645,000.  
Correction: Davis not in Notorious
Published on Mar 13th, 2003
0 comments An alert reader caught a mistake in last week's cover story about Bette Davis' daughter, B.D. Hyman. Bette Davis did not play a role in Notorious, the 1946 Hitchcock film.  
Correction: It really is LexisNexis
Published on Mar 6th, 2003
0 comments The big legal publishing firm located at the East end of the Downtown Mall really is now called LexisNexis. Our editor tried to claim otherwise last week.  
Corrections: Scottsville, Conestoga, and a house for sale
Published on Jan 23rd, 2003
0 comments * In our January 9 cover story, "Scottsville: Flooded with Cash," an editing error botched a comment from Canal Basin Square project manager John Bowers. It's only the Square's brick and mortar...
Corrections: Misspellings
Published on Jan 16th, 2003
0 comments * Last week's "Hot Seat" on Kay Slaughter misspelled one of her favorite shows. It's The Forsyte Saga.  * Last week's "DMBeat" misspelled the name of Dave Matthews' record company in one of the...
Corrections on Breece's hometown and Holkham transaction
Published on Nov 14th, 2002
0 comments In The Hook's Sold column on November 7, 2002, the sales price of the house at 2408 Holkham Drive in Lewis Hills was listed incorrectly. The correct price was $380,000.   Back on September 12,...
Correction on a property transfer
Published on Nov 7th, 2002
0 comments A City property transfer carried the wrong address in The Hook of October 31, 2002. On September 30, Norma J. Parson sold a house at 215 Fifth Street NW to John Lloyd et al., for $160,000.