They're Nice, dad moved, Eades painted, and only drivers get the deer
Published on Dec 16th, 2004
0 comments * In Mark Grabowski's December 9 Music Review, " King of the Corner?: A room right for rockin'," the bands that performed with Travis Elliott at the Satellite Ballroom on December 3 were misnamed....
Outcomes for the students, annual statistics
Published on Dec 2nd, 2004
0 comments Regarding the federal law which UVA appears to have violated in its gag orders on sexual assault cases [November 11 cover story: "How UVA turns its back on rape"], the Clery Act does not require the...
McCormick's watching; no plastic at Lethal
Published on Nov 25th, 2004
0 comments * In last week's Fearless Consumer, we misstated the method of payment Lethal Wrecker won't accept. It should have been credit cards. * In the caption accompanying last week's news story about the...
Good housekeeping
Published on Nov 18th, 2004
0 comments * For the past four weeks, we've printed the wrong photographer's name on our Question of the Week section. The talented photojournalist is our own Jen Fariello. * In the November 4 photo caption in...
Dorchak's departure
Published on Nov 11th, 2004
0 comments * An editing error marred last week's story, "De-Valued: Value America bosses settle claims," by supplying an innacurate description of CEO Glenda Dorchak's departure from the company. Dorchak was...
Not just teenyboppers
Published on Oct 28th, 2004
0 comments The caption that accompanied the October 8 story about the new WB television office in Charlottesville misstated the prime target market of the new station: ages 16 to 34.   #  
That's not them
Published on Oct 21st, 2004
0 comments * In last week's Hook, the picture accompanying Mark Grabowski's music feature about the band Jubeus was not of the band. The Hook regrets the confusion. * In the Walkabout story about Martha's...
Banjo dudes; contest Miss
Published on Oct 14th, 2004
0 comments * A photo caption in the September 23 installment of "Photophile" misidentified the banjo players cranking some Civil War tunes for the Boar's Head crowd. They were old-time banjo master Joe Ayers...
To candidates
Published on Oct 7th, 2004
0 comments In the September 23 cover story, "Why Bother to Vote?" Lisa Thomas was referring to individuals when she said, "We can give $2,000 to candidates," not to organizations such as Americans Coming...
He said; Coran said
Published on Oct 7th, 2004
0 comments * Due to a transcription error, a lengthy quotation by Ernest Miller in our August 12 essay was not properly attributed. * In our September 30 story, "Lofty plans: Condos offer in-town option," we...
Repubs dropped out
Published on Sep 30th, 2004
0 comments As of mid-September, UVA's College Republicans are no longer part of the university's "2004 in 2004" get-out-the-vote effort. #
Fire power; banjo power
Published on Sep 30th, 2004
0 comments * Our September 23 story "Cocked: Locals react to lifted gun ban," misstated Albemarle Police Chief's plan to upgrade his officer's ammo. He is considering upgrading to powerful semi-automatic...
In the (wrong) kitchen; Feast! first
Published on Sep 23rd, 2004
0 comments * In the September 9 issue of the Hook, the Walkabout picture incorrectly identified the Mnookin/Dienstag kitchen on First Street. * Last week's Dish column should have indicated that Feast!'s new...
She helps folks heal
Published on Sep 9th, 2004
0 comments We mischaracterized the day job of Grace Webb, one of the subjects of the July 29, 2004, Facetime, "Shiny dancer." She is a certified massage therapist who specializes in injury recovery aid. #
Ages, sources-- getting them straight
Published on Aug 26th, 2004
0 comments Published August 26, 2004 in issue 0334 of the Hook *In last week's cover story, "Boomtown Flats," the sketch of the Holsinger building should have been credited to Formworks Design, and the image of...
No photo credit
Published on Aug 19th, 2004
0 comments In last week's "Facetime" story, we accidentally omitted the photo credit for the picture of Olympians Kim Severson and Winsome Adante. The photographer was Dean Graham.   #
Bobbled blurb, dates, and numbers
Published on Aug 12th, 2004
0 comments The July 29 contents blurb, "News: Serial Offense," should have identified Granville Boggs as the man to whose house police came twice requesting a DNA sample. Larry Monroe filed a $15,000 lawsuit...
New law and spelling
Published on Jul 22nd, 2004
0 comments In last week's story, "New laws– and how they affect you," the law making it easier for those with only a high school diploma to home school passed the General Assembly– but was vetoed by...
Published on Jul 15th, 2004
0 comments Wrong Kiser: In the July 1, 2004, story, "Razor's Edge: Presley trail trial postponed," the substitute judge in Charlottesville General District Court should have been identified as Coy Kiser. Last...
Back to the drawing board for the Hook
Published on Jul 8th, 2004
0 comments * In last week's 4Better or Worse column, the last name of UVA's baseball coach should have been O'Connor.   * In last week's news story, " Fantasy drivers: AMA rewards local campaigns," the...
His title
Published on Jul 1st, 2004
0 comments In a June 10, 2004, story, "Razor's edge: City takes trail blocker to court," and a June 24 story, "Quash quashed: Officials must talk in razor wire story," John Conover should have been identified...
Wrong spell, wrong head, wrong church
Published on Jun 24th, 2004
0 comments The nickname of legendary New York Giants Hall of Famer Roosevelt "Rosey" Brown was misspelled in last week's 4 Better or Worse. In last week's Mail section, the same headline ran on two different...
Sorry, Aaron and Lila!
Published on Jun 17th, 2004
0 comments In the June 10 cover story "Trippin' Hillbillies," the photos of the Hackensaw Boys on pages 25 and 26 should have been credited to Aaron Farrington. The photo of the Boys with Michelle Shocked on...
Patton's date, Kite Day's date, Sprinkle's trail
Published on Jun 10th, 2004
0 comments * The construction date of the Patton mansion that UVA is saving on West Main Street was incorrect in an image caption with last week's cover story. As the story noted, the structure was built in...
River of shame
Published on Jun 3rd, 2004
0 comments In the Hook's May 20 Summer Guide, we omitted the last digit of James River Runners' phone number. The correct number is 286-2338. #
Wrong byline
Published on May 27th, 2004
0 comments Published May 27, 2004, in issue 0320 of the Hook The wrong byline ran on "Northeast business groups get behind Amtrak," the sidebar to the two weeks ago cover story. The author was Associated Press...
Singular, not plural
Published on May 13th, 2004
0 comments In the April 29 story, "Post-budget: Schilling, Dems trade barbs," heckler Brandon Smith shouted "parasite," not "parasites." Mistaken identity When Lisa Collis took the HotSeat in the April 29...
Tillman fell in Afghanistan
Published on May 6th, 2004
0 comments Last week's 4 Better or Worse should have identified Afghanistan as the country where former NFL player Pat Tillman died April 22.
Not a fine how-do-you-do
Published on Apr 29th, 2004
0 comments We welcomed Tim Sprinkle to the paper last week with an editor's note, but we failed to make sure that his name ran on the Walkabout feature itself. Tim wrote that nice little piece about glass-...
MLK's hotel, Lane's queen, ABC's coffee
Published on Apr 15th, 2004
0 comments In last week's cover package, we misidentified the current incarnation of the Gallery Court hotel which housed Martin Luther King Jr. when he visited UVA in 1963. Fortunately, the hotel figures in...