Black and White

Published on Nov 3rd, 2011
45 comments Occupy Charlottesville folk at the feet of old trooper, R.E. Lee, in late October. This not a bivouac; rather, a convenient place to camp."We, the people are of all colors, classes, and beliefs. We...
Published on Oct 27th, 2011
0 comments Independent candidate for Charlottesville City Council, Bob Fenwick, addresses news media following his endorsement by the Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club. A week later, October 25, the dredging...
Water, water, everywhere
Published on Oct 20th, 2011
12 comments Workers from TriState Utilities reline 8-inch diameter wastewater pipe from an access point at 10th and Market Streets. To prevent infiltration and exfiltration related to sewer pipes in the...
Published on Oct 6th, 2011
26 comments I'm supposed to know what a sharrow is. It's a bike safety pictogram, but my first response was to wish the pictogram user had employed words since hieroglyphics don’t speak to me. So what does this...
Three chieftains
Published on Sep 22nd, 2011
1 comments These three members of the CFD– Battalion Chief Pete Sweeney, Volunteer Chief Tom Yenovkian, and Volunteer Assistant Chief Jessie Sexton– were part of the 9/11 commemoration on the...
Woolen Mills Chapel
Published on Sep 15th, 2011
0 comments Near the end of Market Street in Charlottesville.~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at
Temporary infrastructure
Published on Aug 25th, 2011
5 comments A lineman from Davis H. Elliot Electrical Contractors works to untangle a 20,000 volt distribution line on Park Street. We had a thunderstorm in Charlottesville on Sunday, August 15. Some trees...
Published on Aug 18th, 2011
8 comments Route 29 & Hydraulic Road, Charlottesville, Virginia• 2,000,000 square feet• A mixed-use development located in award-winning Charlottesville, Virginia – "the  Napa of the East Coast...
River thing
Published on Jul 21st, 2011
0 comments On Wednesday, July 20, the City Council was scheduled to interview candidates for the City’s “Planning Commission.” I hope the Councilors will ask the PC wannabes to: "Identify strategies to...
Sporting goods
Published on Jul 14th, 2011
0 comments Located on Monticello Road near I-64, Carterfields Sporting Supplies is "home of the big bucks."~Commentator Bill Emory usually puts up a new photo every day at
Liberty and tulip tree
Published on Jul 7th, 2011
0 comments US district court for the western district of Virginia held session at Monticello July 4 and naturalized a group of new US citizens. There were a lot of Coca-Cola bottles and logos in evidence. (The...
Published on Jun 30th, 2011
0 comments I have envy. One of the dread Capital Vices, a.k.a. the seven deadly sins. Mine's traffic control envy. Every day, I bike through the 2nd Street/Northwood corridor of Charlottesville, a lovely...
Steely gazes
Published on Jun 23rd, 2011
0 comments On June 13, Citizens for a Sustainable Water Supply member and former school board chair Dede Smith announced her candidacy for City Council– in a park, under a tree, south of the tracks....
Published on Jun 2nd, 2011
0 comments Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.–E. Post~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo...
Ride of Silence
Published on May 26th, 2011
0 comments A second Ride of Silence took place in Charlottesville on May 18. This is a worldwide event held every year, 3rd Wednesday in May, beginning in 2003. Locally, the event is organized by cyclist Alan...
Published on May 19th, 2011
1 comments "In dealing with the State, we ought to remember that its institutions are not aboriginal though they existed before we were born: that they are not superior to the citizen: that every one of them...
Point of Fork
Published on May 12th, 2011
0 comments Two rivers. The big one was known by aboriginal inhabitants as Powhatan's River; now it's the James. The other one is the Rivanna. Also the site of a Revolutionary debacle when, on the same day that...
Capra aegagrus hircus
Published on May 5th, 2011
0 comments Nigerian miniature goats Ella and Zinnia win a smile from two friends from Staunton with owner Laura Covert (rear) in their new home, Covert's yard in the Woolen Mills. Last September, City Council...
Platanus occidentalis
Published on Apr 28th, 2011
0 comments Sugar Hollow Road.~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo every day at
Published on Apr 21st, 2011
0 comments 1. to imprison; confine. 2. to enclose; constrict closely.– As part of the recent Preservation Week events, Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society President Steven Meeks led...
Government knows all
Published on Apr 14th, 2011
0 comments “A governing body knows everything that goes into its legislative decisions whether it actually knows it or not.”~Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo every day at
53 MGD
Published on Apr 7th, 2011
0 comments Tandem Friends School students test Rivanna River water with technical direction and apparatus provided by Rivanna Conservation Society executive director Robbi Savage. The students canoed to...
Quercus alba
Published on Mar 31st, 2011
0 comments Received a box of bare root oak trees middle of last week from Musser Forests. Traveled to Slabtown to plant. (The Virginia Department of Forestry was out of white oak seedlings by the time I called...
Brick house
Published on Mar 24th, 2011
1 comments The house associated with the Rives Street store was torn down last week.~Bill Emory puts up a new photo every day at
Ragged Mountain
Published on Mar 17th, 2011
0 comments Walked the trail around the Lower Ragged Mountain Reservoir in late January. Some signs of geotechnical activity. Thirty vertical feet of terrain to be clear-cut and submerged by new reservoir.~Bill...
Threading the needle
Published on Mar 10th, 2011
0 comments Motored back to Virginia Sunday, March 6. Sat still on Interstate 66 near Marshall Virginia in a driving rain as rescue crews reopened the highway. We were within seconds of this wreck. Virginia...
Gray Emory Coale
Published on Mar 3rd, 2011
0 comments My sister Gray was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in November of ‘09. Gray never asked the Doctor about prognosis, never Googled. She went about her life. I had a lot of ideas early on...
The road to hell is paved with bradford pears
Published on Feb 24th, 2011
0 comments Michael Dirr was in Charlottesville February 10 to speak at the 28th Annual Central Virginia Landscape Management Seminar, presented by the Piedmont Landscape Association. In the morning, he gave a...
What is the city but the people?–- Shakespeare
Published on Feb 17th, 2011
0 comments My neighbor Roy (pictured here) recalls driving his aunt Emma Amiss‘ dairy cow from her house on Woolen Mills Road to the pasture on the south side of the railroad tracks via this lane. Back then,...
Published on Feb 10th, 2011
1 comments Bill Emory puts up a new photo every day at