Music Stories

CD review: They Might Be Giants' No!By Amy Briggs TV gives smarty-pants a bum rap. Limned as nerds and mad scientists, they are constantly lampooned as the guys into fogging up their thick glasses and singeing their hair, the ones more Jun 27th, 2002
The Chocolate WorkshopBy Damani Harrison About two months ago my man Clarence calls me up.“Yo, D,” he says, “how ‘bout coming out and kicking some rhymes at the Outback Lodge on Wednesday. Andy Rowland and Matt more Jun 27th, 2002
Lot 6, The Kills, and Order of Dying OrchidBy Amy Briggs Overall, Wednesday night at Tokyo Rose ended up well worth the five dollars, once again. However, Lot 6, the opener from Boston, never quite ascended the 43 steps to memorable more Jun 20th, 2002
Graves Mountain Bluegrass Festival, May 31-June 2By Tayloe Emery If the recent Graves Mountain Bluegrass Festival is any barometer of cool, then the Appalachian strip and the mountain music scene are due for a revival of epic proportions. For more Jun 20th, 2002
World beatsBy Damani Harrison Dr. Didg at the Outback and Corey Harris and the 5X5 at Starr Hill Music Hall, Saturday, June 8.This whole World Cup thing has got me screwed up. The games begin at 2 in the am more Jun 13th, 2002
Steve Ingham, Sarah White, and Atsushi Miura at Tokyo RoseBy Amy Briggs My hair started turning white two years ago. Every few days I find a new strand blanching from youth into old age. I hold my Mondays fully responsible. It's the sobering return more Jun 6th, 2002
Alias J. Pinkerton, Carl Washington and Giant People, and Summer Spark-- all over townBy Damani Harrison Q: What happens when the students decamp and leave Charlottesville to us locals? A: We party hard. Friday saw an all-night rager go down on Water Street, last in a series of more Jun 6th, 2002
Oratorio Society at Old Cabell HallBy Amy Briggs Mozart's Requiem in D Minor, his controversial final composition, has been the topic of endless scholarly debates. During the early days of his decline into mental instability, more May 30th, 2002
My Morning Jacket at Starr HillMark my words: Louisville, Kentucky, is the next big thing in the world of indie music.With success stories like the Strokes and White Stripes making indie the "in" thing (and thus "out" for more May 30th, 2002
Robert Jospe's Inner Rhythm at Rapture; William Walter & Tucker Rogers at OrbitBy Damani Harrison One can easily distinguish those players who have found harmony with their instrument and those who are still working out the kinks. I find myself dipping in and out of more May 23rd, 2002
Darrell Rose and the Afrikan Drum FestivalBy Amy Briggs Nothing stirs the mind like a little bit of music. In retirement homes, it means entertainment in the lounge; in preschools, it gets the kids reaching for their heads, shoulders, more May 23rd, 2002
Wilco: Yankee Hotel FoxtrotBy Mark Grabowski I have balls of steel. You want proof? Other than my exceptional “standing up to bullies” ratio (5 confrontations: 1 turning the other cheek), and my no-fear method of taking more May 16th, 2002
John Moossa Band at Miller'sCorona Light. It's a summer-time beverage– takes me back to junior high. It's cheap, it's watery, and it's easy to down a good number of them. And while you'd rather not stake your fame more May 16th, 2002
Hogwaller Ramblers at EscafeHogwaller Ramblers at Escafé April 28, 2002By Amy BriggsSunday night I found myself sitting in a place I'd walked by for years, listening to a band I'd heard about for nearly as long. I think more May 2nd, 2002
Mixmaster Mike, The Arsonists, Zion IMixmaster Mike, The Arsonists, Zion IStarr Hill Music Hall, Thursday, April 18 By Damani Harrison I arrived at Starr Hill promptly at 9:30 for Mixmaster Mike, The Arsonists, and Zion I— in plenty more Apr 25th, 2002
Six bands, no bucksSpringfest 2002 at Mad BowlSaturday, April 13 By Mark Grabowski Do you remember a few years back, when a certain local band hit the big time, and every band in town seemed to be called “The { more Apr 18th, 2002
Lay your money downBoa and Vandyke Brown at the Outback Lodge By James Graham "Five dollars, buddy.""Actually, I’m with The Hook, and I’m going to be reviewing this show."    The bouncer couldn’t more Apr 11th, 2002
Four makes it rightIt’s Tuesday night, arguably the slowest night of the week entertainment-wise, but, inside the Bistro, it’s packed. The band has a couple of things to do with that: it’s seven men strong; but more Apr 4th, 2002
Dark Little Rooms, Edison Woods, the Ones and Zeros, and Order of the Dying Orchid at Tokyo RoseBooking four bands for a single night’s show can be problematic. Good luck finding four bands who belong in the same space in the same night, good luck divvying up appropriate amount of time to more Mar 28th, 2002
Puritans take to the airThirty or so (would’ve been more, possibly, except, I was told, for the fire code) invited acolytes made the pilgrimage to Channel 13’s studio at CATEC on Rio Road to watch and take part in an more Mar 21st, 2002