Music Stories

Prodigy: Trucks knew it all by 10Derek Trucks Bandat Starr HillThursday, December 5 As my crew and I stood around waiting for Derek Trucks to take the stage, anticipation was rising for what was a guaranteed to be a more Dec 12th, 2002
Have yourself a jazzy little...UVA Jazz Ensembleat Old Cabell HallFriday, December 6 The drifts were still deep Friday evening, but a sizeable number braved bitter cold to get to Old Cabell Hall to see John D'earth lead the more Dec 12th, 2002
Going up: Ted Stryker boys on the moveThe Civil War Re-Enactors and Ted Stryker's Drinking Problem at Tokyo Rose, Friday, November 29 A large contingent of Charlottesville's rock scene should probably decide to pack up their axes, amps, more Dec 5th, 2002
Curb jerky: Local band sounds overdoneWith most students at an exam or on the road, last week the Corner turned into a barren stretch of empty hang-outs. Monday night, only a handful showed up at Orbit to waste some pre-turkey more Dec 5th, 2002
Give 'em some rock dots: Sierra gets down and rocks Sierraat Dürty Nelly's PubSunday, November 24  It's not often I get to bookend a Sunday in rock dots. But that morning, in a van on I-64 West, drumming Mötley Crüe on the dashboard, more Nov 28th, 2002
Big letdown: Phish's Fishman isn't enoughI haven't eaten pork in at least a decade. Not for religious reasons or because of some age-old doctrine on the grossness of swine, but because every time I eat it something in my stomach doesn' more Nov 21st, 2002
Pleasant surprise: Maiden gig makes fans smilePost Modal Collectiveat OrbitSunday, November 17 Flipping through this week's calendar, I noticed a newcomer to the Sunday night slot at Orbit: The Post Modal Collective. The name seemed more Nov 21st, 2002
Oldies but goodies: Symphony offers ageless pleasuresThe Charlottesville-University Symphony Orchestraat Old Cabell HallSunday, November 10 It's no secret that classical music, in the eyes of the determinedly youthful denizens of this impossibly more Nov 14th, 2002
Where ya been? Putting faces to tunes at lastYou know how there are some bands whose names just seem to pop up consistently every few years? Sometimes a band can be elusive. Maybe you showed up late to a festival and just missed their set, more Nov 14th, 2002
Lone Dave: Say it ain't is reporting that the long-rumored Dave Matthews-as-solo-act is taking its first step: Dave is planning a solo tour. According to Nancies, numerous college students have indicated more Nov 14th, 2002
Celluloid stars: Movies intensify the music It wasn't an evening for the slight of attention span. For those who didn't know what was coming (i.e. the ones who fled upstairs), Saturday's show at Tokyo Rose wasn't the most fulfilling event more Nov 7th, 2002
Save the awe for lastTo most indie-rock fans, Calvin Johnson is regarded as a musical institution. Co-founder of K Records, former member of the seminal indie-rock group Beat Happening, later with the Halo Benders more Nov 7th, 2002
Freak-Out: Hell-O-Ween XXX-Travaganza TourThe Pitts, Jimmy and the Teasers, The Hillbilly Werewolf, and Old Man Mustin & the Teenage Abortionsat Tokyo RoseFriday, October 25 The basement of Tokyo Rose, with its blood-red walls more Oct 31st, 2002
How do they do it? Three guys in suits rock all nightSouliveat Starr Hill Music HallSunday, October 27, 2002 The first time Soulive came to perform in Charlottesville, they were the new kids on the block. The trio of drums, guitar, and organ had more Oct 31st, 2002
Folksy, bluesy, toe-tappy duoIf you remember 1205 West Main, or music reporting written under a fowl-based pseudonym, you know Stephen Barling. The first, an ill-fated building that once housed the Main Street Guitar and more Oct 24th, 2002
Where's my Moog? Band raises dreams of gloryUntil last Thursday, I hadn't been to Buddhist Biker Bar in about two years, so nostalgia, as well as the possibility of seeing a band I had never checked out before, was the main reason I more Oct 17th, 2002
Banjoman Bruce: His strings singSomehow through all my years of music listening and appreciation, the banjo has never really struck my fancy. However, the lack of intriguing musicentric events this past weekend left me with more Oct 17th, 2002
Free for all: Downtown tunes come cheapCharlottesville likes free stuff. Maybe it's a flow-over from the Mecca of free stuff that is UVA, but on any given day you can probably get free food, drink, or see a show for the grand total of $ more Oct 10th, 2002
Change of heart: Miraculous musical biographyStir one surrey in Missouri with one rooftop fiddler. Add whiskered adults in tights and trash heaps to bad taste. My concept of musicals used to focus solely on the caricatured ingredients; more Oct 10th, 2002
Gut reaction: Hardcore punks pack the house"The Intrinsic Virtues and Values of Death Metal," was a common topic of discussion between the ad hoc debate teams The Icarus Fallen (Me), and Mazor's Razors (my friend Brian) in the hallways of more Oct 3rd, 2002