Music Stories

What a night: Packed house roars for RufusRufus Wainwrightat Old Cabell HallSeptember 26 "I'm a gay-making machine!" said Rufus Wainwright Friday night at his concert in Old Cabell Hall. The comment was in reference to his blatant more Oct 2nd, 2003
Happenin': Zaireeka must be experienced MUSIC REVIEW- Happenin': Zaireeka must be experienced   Zaireeka happening by Flaming Lips on CDat Brown CollegeFriday, September 19 "Happenings" just don't seem to happen much more Sep 25th, 2003
Say what? Label manifests El-P's visionLabel review Def Jux may just be the 'prog-rap' label A while back, I had the privilege of watching the DVD documentary Revenge of the Robots, put out by independent label Definitive Juxtaposition ( more Sep 25th, 2003
Cartoon planet: TTC's road to nowhere MUSIC REVIEW- Cartoon planet: TTC's road to nowhere   Tom Tom Club  at Starr Hill Music Hall Sunday, September 14, 2003 BY ANDY MILLER ANDY@READTHEHOOK.COM. Perhaps the best song you' more Sep 18th, 2003
MUSIC REVIEW- Tonal shift: <I>You</I> bring new crowd to CornerBY MARK GRABOWSKI TUNES@READTHEHOOK.COM You (formerly Airmail) and Ted Stryker's Drinking Problemat JabberwockySeptember 11, 2003 Thursday, September 11, marked the meeting of two worlds, more Sep 18th, 2003
Alignment: Bands respond to planets' vibesFoundation Stoneat Garden of Sheba Homemade Breadat OrbitSaturday, September 6 Mars is closer to earth than it has been in a long time. I don't believe in a lot of the new age gibberish more Sep 11th, 2003
Dulcet tones: Ezra's voice steals the showEzra Hamiltonat Michael's Bistro Wednesday, September 3 "It's sweet music to make love to"– or so said one particular art student in my vicinity as Ezra Hamilton and his group laid down more Sep 11th, 2003
No tomorrow: Oregon Hill's groovy fallbackOregon Hill Funk All-Stars at Outback Lodge Friday, August 29 It felt like a party for someone you don't know very well; listening to the jazzy, loose funk of the Oregon Hill Funk more Sep 4th, 2003
Pigging out: Hogs rule the MallHogwaller Ramblers at Escafé Sunday, August 31 It can strike people as a little odd that the Hogwaller Ramblers, one of the best old-time/bluegrass/rootsy rock n' roll acts in town, has had more Sep 4th, 2003
Part and Particle: Being at the show makes it betterParticle and Rock Star Showdownat Starr HillAugust 22 and 23   Friday night's plan to check out Particle at Starr Hill came to a halt when my two-year-old daughter kept waking up with an more Aug 28th, 2003
Winning combo: Hot Lunch satisfies the crowdRock Star Showdownat Starr HillAugust 23 I like the anonymity of being a writer– almost no one knows your name and almost no one is glad you came. That's why it was certainly out of more Aug 28th, 2003
Direct hit: Revved up roots rock rulesFormer NYC punk band D-Generation put out three of the best records of the '90s that didn't get heard by nearly enough folks. As a result, the band did the usual: faced pressure from inside and out, more Aug 21st, 2003
High Strung: And loving that energy!The High Strungat Miller'sAugust 17   It's 12:56 in the morning, I'm hopped up on coke (a cola) and nicotine, hopped down on beer, and need sleep more than any time in recent memory. But more Aug 21st, 2003
Twist and shout: Teahouse rocks, Outback rollsTanakhat Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar; The Brown Notesat Outback LodgeThursday, August 7 The Twisted Branch is slowly becoming one of my favorite places to see music. The environment is chill, more Aug 14th, 2003
Comfortable: Originals, covers vie on the CornerTravis Elliotat the VirginianSaturday, July 26   I arrived at the Virginian at about 10pm, fresh from a Hook cookout, where much meat was eaten and many beverages were consumed. My more Jul 31st, 2003
No hair: Hip-hop, drums, and "Racists"Old School Hip Hop Jam at the Monticello Event CenterAfrican Drum Festival on the MallRacists of Farmville and Atomatron at Tokyo RoseSaturday July 26, 2003   A friend of mine was more Jul 31st, 2003
Space travel: '60s CD takes a UFO rideSome girls like mink. Some like diamonds. I like the Troggs. A few years ago, my mom handed over her coveted breadbox of '60s singles. As a kid, I'd tried to sneak in a few scratches with my more Jul 24th, 2003
Welcome Break: Local stars glitter at partyA pair of free tickets is enough to get me to go almost anywhere– including, but not limited to, rock shows, peep shows, sorority mixers, musicals, and demolition derbies. And if the tickets more Jul 24th, 2003
Thanks, physics! Babies CD a keeperSome albums take their time growing on you, requiring many listens for their final grandeur and worth to shine through. Some hit you right away, akin to being hit in the throat by a gold brick. more Jul 17th, 2003
Happenstance: Out of the rain, into excitementCivil War Re-enactors, Corndawg, Ground Monkeys, and Adam Taberat the PudhouseWednesday, July 2 Not surprisingly, thunderheads materialized again this past Wednesday night, and the downpour more Jul 10th, 2003