Music Stories

Making a case: What's happened to Wilco? WilcoA Ghost is BornNonesuch records Maybe it's a fake. Maybe they're just joshing us. Maybe the real one exists, buried away in some vault until the right time for its release. Maybe Jeff Tweedy' more May 6th, 2004
Feel the spirit: Love saturates concert hallBlack Voices' Spring ConcertOld Cabell Hall Saturday, April 24 I was raised in the church. Three days a week my family attended. There was Bible study, choir practice, and Sunday service. I was more Apr 29th, 2004
Bach flock: Getting in tune with the classicsEarly Music EnsembleOld Cabell HallSunday, April 25 I was trying to come up with a catchy opening line for this review of the Early Music Ensemble's (EME) afternoon performance at Old Cabell Hall, more Apr 29th, 2004
Grow up: Young rapper needs timeBlack MarketThe WallStrong Quality Music I first met Black Market a few months back while hanging out down at the 91.9 station. I was there to support some friends of mine who were debuting their more Apr 22nd, 2004
Love boat: Shakin' the money-makersLuaat Twisted Branch Tea BazaarFriday, April 16 "For the first three days, you look at the people dancing to the band, laughing at their foolishness. Then, at four days on the open sea, you more Apr 22nd, 2004
Hideaways: New bands in strange placesThe Treatment, The Stabones, and Hours on End on Price Avenue April 10 In Charlottesville, most venues have a set list of bands that they rotate through their weekly schedules– it's hard more Apr 15th, 2004
Hangin' out: No shame makes for good soundsVulgar Bulgarat Twisted Branch Folkskndeat Tokyo RoseApril 9 The dancing man pleasantly convulsed to the sounds wafting to the street from the balcony of the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. He danced more Apr 15th, 2004
Major music: Town comes alive with tunesBrandon Dudley, Galactic, and Little Brother Various venuesMarch 31-April 3 The past month has been major for Charlottesville music, with creative energies bubbling all over town. The new more Apr 8th, 2004
Yearly ritual: Putting Charlottesville to shameMACRoCKat JMUApril 2 Like a horde of cockroaches roaming about that "sample modern kitchen" at the National Museum of Natural History's Bug Zoo, indie-rockers– distinguishable by more Apr 8th, 2004
Wall of sound: How to sit up and listenMetropolitanat Tokyo RoseMarch 27  With little time to say aloha (meaning hello rather than goodbye) to anyone at the bar, 12:47am Sunday morning found me tromping briskly down to the more Apr 1st, 2004
Foot-tappers: Thump rules on the MallRule of Thumpat Miller'sMarch 27, 2003 Miller's is an acoustic nightmare. I mean, let's get serious here for a second. Every time I walk in there I feel like John Travolta in that movie more Apr 1st, 2004
Blues and green: Pinch a drink for St. PatDeep FriedStarr Hill Music HallMarch 17 It was St. Patrick's day and I didn't even know it. Whatever happened to people wearing green and pinching each other in the rear? Alas, there was no green, more Mar 25th, 2004
Utterly foreign: Adebimpe's other-world soundTV on the Radio: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes There are some albums that just breathe cool; you can almost sense them releasing it from the depths of the vinyl/plastic grooves, feel it more Mar 25th, 2004
Break down: Students split, scene slowsThe Parlor Scouts and the Comas at Tokyo RoseMarch 13 Like a plague of locusts descending on a warned but helpless populace, the students have returned from their yearly beer bong-soaked love more Mar 18th, 2004
Listen hard! The message isn't spokenAsheru and Blue Black of Unspoken Heard  48 Months (7Heads Recordings) From 1996 to 2000 was an interesting time for hip-hop music. Commercially the art form was beginning to reach a new more Mar 18th, 2004
Branching out: Two bands, two worldsBanty Roostersat Twisted Branch Tea BazaarThursday, March 4 Civil War Reenactors atTwisted Branch Tea BazaarFriday, March 5 Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar is one of the more interesting places to more Mar 11th, 2004
Brass jungle: Trumpets, saxes, tuba = loud!Oregon Hill Funk All-Stars and Dirty Dozen Brass BandStarr Hill Music HallWednesday, March 3 ...the front of the room turned into a jungle of brass and woodwinds. Four trombones, two trumpets, more Mar 11th, 2004
Rapturous: Jospé disc makes miles fly byRobert Jospé and Inner Rhythm: Hands On  Pop! That's the sound of me pulling my head out of my ass. Seems that I've been so engrossed in my own goings on that I've lost touch with the more Mar 4th, 2004
Too many words? Darnielle has a lot to sayThe Mountain Goats: We Shall All Be Healed The Mountain Goats are the new indie-rock hip shoe of choice. Reason #1: WTJU's (91.1) recent rock marathon featured one two-hour block of the group' more Mar 4th, 2004
Useless art: "Quack" disappoints in personDjTRIO featuring Christian Marclayat the Jefferson TheaterFebruary 17  Sometime around 1920, Ukranian cubist painter Kasimir Malevich decided that the essence of visual art lay in what more Feb 26th, 2004