Music Stories

Virtuoso: Look, Ma, both hands!Greg Howardat Miller'sMonday, October 11 In music, ambidexterity can be found everywhere– or at least I have noticed a valiant quest for acquiring the skill in the art of making more Oct 14th, 2004
Fridays farewell: End of an era of Mall rockin'Jimmy O BandFinal Fridays at the grassy amphitheaterOctober 1 Perhaps it was the weather– which since the afternoon had been threatening a colossal downpour– or perhaps it was the more Oct 7th, 2004
Meditative tunes: Breathe, lean back, drift awayJohn Wubbenhorst and Facing East at the PrismSaturday, October 2 I regret to say that my college experience wasn't the best. I spent most of the four years attempting to sleep my way to more Oct 7th, 2004
No sips: Jazz? Funk-grass? Beats mePeyton Tochtermanat the ShebeenSeptember 24 "This next one is a song I wrote in the shower about peanut butter and jelly," explains singer and guitarist Peyton Tochterman as a chuckle ripples more Sep 30th, 2004
Two, not one: A welcome Texas surprisePublished September 30, 2004, in issue 0339 of the Hook Porter Davisat Miller'sSaturday, September 25 BY MARK GRABOWSKI TUNES@READTHEHOOK.COM Expecting a singer songwriter by the name of Porter more Sep 30th, 2004
In your head: Sounds like old friendsPublished September 23, 2004, in issue 0338 of the Hook The Damnwells with Justin Jones and Small Town WorkersStarr HillSeptember 18 BY MARK GRABOWSKI TUNES@READTHEHOOK.COM The shushing was in more Sep 23rd, 2004
Just a Bob: NGNM make faces hurtNo Gods No Monsters and Beef Jerkyat Tokyo RoseFriday, September 17 There's something about Bob. He's a poet. The kind that sings Christmas hymns at poetry readings. The kind that describes the more Sep 23rd, 2004
Let's look back: Save Dexys from oblivion!Dexys Midnight Runners':Too-Rye-Ay  Hey kids, remember 1982? The release of Thriller? Effusive praise for Quaker Oats PB & J cereal? The first artificial heart transplant? 1982 was also more Sep 16th, 2004
Snzzzz...: Buy NoDoz before listeningVarious Artists: The Groove Boutique: Volume One  Selected and Mixed by Rafe Gomez(Tommy Boy Records) In my humble opinion, quantized or electronic drums– combined with engineers who can' more Sep 16th, 2004
Dangerous skies: Picnics and harmony belowUncle Henry's Favoritesat Rhythm on the River at Dorrier Park in Scottsville September 5 Last Sunday, September 5, saw yours truly, for the second time ever, making his way to Scottsville for more Sep 9th, 2004
Make it good: Food for thought x 3 Lyrics Ave, Richelle Claiborne, Etchings of Soul Women at Live ArtsSaturday, August 28 I have come under a lot of fire recently for some comments I made about the new G. Love album. more Sep 2nd, 2004
Road range: Friday fun on all sidesMonticello Road at Fridays after 5August 27 Though making brothers and sisters for only about two hours once a week, the Fridays After 5 concert series on the Downtown Mall is a sort of more Sep 2nd, 2004
Ginger ale: Almost as fizz-ful as BrieTerminal Ready at Outback Lodge and Mike Brieat R2Saturday, August 21 Alcohol has never been my drug of choice. This has always put me at a disadvantage with the ladies on the bar scene. Somehow, more Aug 26th, 2004
What's in a name? Oldsters get into the dreamDreamcar at Miller's August 21 Five reasons prompted me to see the band Dreamcar at Miller's last Saturday night, and they were, in order of increasing importance: * If I don't know the more Aug 26th, 2004
Dancin' fools: Harris wows 'em after 5 Corey Harris and the 5X5at Fridays After 5 August 19 Though the sky looked dark as tropical storm Bonnie theoretically drew near, the mood I was in last Friday as I walked to the Downtown Mall more Aug 19th, 2004
Hateful! CD crop (bar one) raises the bileCharlie Hunter Trio: Friends  Seen and Unseen (RopeADope) G. Love and Special Sauce: The Hustle (Brushfire) Har Mar Superstar: The Handler (Brushfire) Have you ever met a supreme hater? I' more Aug 19th, 2004
Can't stop the pop: Marky likes itZag at Miller's Friday, August 6 "Zag" is: a) A town in Kentucky b) A meteorite c) A human protein d) A geography journal in Germany e) A good pop/rock group f) All of the above If you picked more Aug 12th, 2004
Step closer: Local idols look to winIdol Semi-finals Starr Hill Music HallSunday, July 31 As an artist, I can't think of anything more difficult than covering a song written and popularized by someone else. People tend to have an more Aug 12th, 2004
Never-ending: Funk jams to disco and backSouthside Funk Brothers at West Main July 24 I made my second attempt to check out the band Southside Funk Brothers at West Main Saturday, July 24, and I'm happy to say things went a lot better more Jul 29th, 2004
Bluesy jazz: Frigid art with heartThe Dinah Pearson Band at West MainJuly 17 Friday was my second evening watching shows at West Main, and I haven't quite figured the place out yet. They have been promoting shows for live music more Jul 22nd, 2004