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A bigger bang: This is not Spinal TapTres Thomas has toured with Madonna, U-2, and Sting. The difference in going on the road with the Rolling Stones? "It's the biggest band in the world," says Thomas, who traveled along on more Sep 29th, 2005
Really big show: Blackalicious plays to full houseNoonish Friday, my buddy buzzes with a question, "Yo, D, you know where to get tickets for the Blackalicious show? Plan9 says they're sold out." I did know where to get tickets, but the sold more Sep 22nd, 2005
Satellite: Let's hear it for big venuesFor the last few years, Starr Hill Music Hall has had a monopoly on the live show scene in Charlottesville. To their credit, they've brought in a number of stellar acts. Now we have the Pavilion more Sep 15th, 2005
Hither and yon: Music from Corner to tea roomSometimes when I'm out an about, the question arises why my column is called "On the Prowl" when I actually seem to review CDs a good bit of the time. Truth is, I see live music nine times in more Sep 8th, 2005
Two simple: All-star cast can't save discMichael Sokolowski and friendsSoko: Two So, I received this Soko: Two disk, and, to tell you the truth, the whole thing is a bit frightening. I'm scared of it. Wait... I'm getting ahead of more Sep 2nd, 2005
Zen jam: Neither good nor bad, just....When I was studying Buddhism in college, I had a professor who used to repeat the same mantra over and over to the class. "There is no good or bad, there just is," he would drone. The more Aug 25th, 2005
Crop circles: Glimpsing recent local CDsRobin Wynn, Broken Sky Fair Weather Bums, FWB  Sun-Dried Opossum, Back Up  For an artist, having a CD is a sign of a certain level of confidence. It says to an audience that they more Aug 18th, 2005
Giant universe: Pavilion's inaugural awesomeOh, there was talk– all kinds of talk. There were optimists and pessimists. There were supporters and naysayers. Seems like for the last two weeks, all that was talked about was whether more Aug 11th, 2005
Worth the wait: CD excitement contagiousTwo weeks ago, Jay Pun and Morwenna Lasko celebrated the completion of their debut album at the Gravity Lounge. Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule locked down the opening slot for one of the more Jul 28th, 2005
Mélange: Afro-pop's lovely loose vibeIt was almost a year ago when UVA asked me to cover their Afro-pop Festival for the Arts and Sciences Online magazine. I jumped at the privilege to have access to all the events. Representatives more Jul 21st, 2005
In-box follies: The postman brings a winner252"> The HooK: MUSIC REVIEW- In-box follies: The postman brings a winner BODY { scrollbar-arrow-color: white; scrollbar-base-color: black; scrollbar-face-color: " more Jun 30th, 2005
Pillar to post: All over the music map252"> The HooK: MUSIC REVIEW- Pillar to post: All over the music map BODY { scrollbar-arrow-color: white; scrollbar-base-color: black; scrollbar-face-color: " more Jun 23rd, 2005
Lovin' it: Horn delivers, Hacks do too252"> The HooK: MUSIC REVIEW- Lovin' it: Horn delivers, Hacks do too BODY { scrollbar-arrow-color: white; scrollbar-base-color: black; scrollbar-face-color: " more Jun 16th, 2005
Elusive tunz: Gorillaz sing, but don't existWhen last we heard from Gorillaz, the group had just topped every indie chart in the country with an album and video so unusual that it had most people wondering What exactly are the Gorillaz? more Jun 9th, 2005
Alive and well: Hip-hop contest brings 'em outHis clothes looked brand new: white sneakers with baby blue highlights, crisp blue jeans, and a wrinkle-free blue t-shirt proclaiming, "Hip-Hop Is Dead." He smiled as he and his group pranced more Jun 2nd, 2005
Mall musings: Music a bonus Downtow  Octane Saints, No Gods No Monstersat Atomic BurritoSaturday, May 25 Graduation weekend is no-stop action in Charlottesville. Restaurants are full, parking is limited, and traffic more May 25th, 2005
Two sides: For every fan, there's a nay-sayerFor every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. In Charlottesville, there are two definite reactions to the success of the local Dave Matthews Band. On the one hand, there are those more May 19th, 2005
Holy rollin': Taking the masters to churchJohn D'earth and Kait Duntan (Soulful Sundown Series)at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial ChurchSunday, May 8 Friday night I prowl'd. There was music happening around town, but nothing was grabbing more May 12th, 2005
Parting remarks: This town is a jam band (sometimes)More than three years ago, when the fates saw fit to actually pay me for spending half my weekends constructing occasionally verbose pieces (always much longer than asked for) on the subject of more May 12th, 2005
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