woolen mills dam

Snap: What's left of Woolen Mills Dam
Published on Aug 6th, 2011
3 comments Nearly four years after most of it was removed, the stone block remnants of the Woolen Mills Dam still stand along the Rivanna River in the Woolen Mills neighborhood.
Requiem for a dam
Published on Aug 16th, 2007
3 comments The dismantling of the Woolen Mills dam was supposed to go slow. At 10am Wednesday a few blocks were missing, but by 5pm, the midsection of the historic dam was in rubble. Since the dam's demise...
Dam breach drops Rivanna, slowly
Published on Aug 15th, 2007
3 comments About 60 people gathered at Riverview Park this morning to celebrate the partial breaching of the historic Woolen Mills dam, which will be complete in the next two or three days. The dam, built in...
Save the dam for recreation
Published on Apr 13th, 2006
0 comments I enjoyed reading the letter by Dan Sebring concerning the Woolen Mills Dam [April 6: "Cry me a river"], and I agree with him. Dan's points concerning the ecology are all true. Why destroy a habitat...
Shad v. drinking water
Published on Apr 6th, 2006
0 comments I was astonished to read that there is a proposal to destroy the nearly 200-year-old dam at the Woolen Mills ["Dam demo: Breach at Woolen Mills good for shad," News, March 30]. If anything qualifies...
Hot dam: Should it stay or should it go?
Published on Dec 5th, 2002
0 comments Picture a lazy summer day, floating on an inner tube in the mill pond on the Rivanna. Life doesn't get much better than that– unless you're Sally Shad trying to get up the river to spawn before...