winter jasmine

Winter jasmine watch
Published on Jan 30th, 2013
0 comments It's become something of a tradition for the Hook to snag a photo of the winter jasmine in bloom below Carr's Hill on University Avenue as a bellwether of Spring, sort of our own version of Groundhog...
Winter jasmine jumps out early
Published on Jan 12th, 2012
4 comments Some priors: - 2011 - Feb 19 - 2010 - March 10 - 2009 - Feb 12 - 2008 - Feb 22 - 2007 - early January The Hook's pet bellwether, the winter jasmine at Carr's Hill, jumped out early this year, as...
Winter jasmine has come out
Published on Feb 25th, 2011
1 comments It's that time when the Hook takes a picture of the winter jasmine, a bellwether of the weather, at the corner of Rugby Road and University Avenue. This picture was taken the 19th of February, and it...