Excitement on Fairway Avenue
Published on Nov 12th, 2012
0 comments Workers deal with water spraying from an underground pipe Monday on Fairway Avenue in the Woolen Mills neighborhood.
Water wasters: Worrell decries waste, centralization
Published on Mar 27th, 2012
13 comments   Related story Draining feeling? Lawsuit challenges dam-pipeline plan The latest UN-designated World Water Day, according to a panel of environmental experts gathered at McGuffey Arts Center...
Down the drain... for a purpose
Published on Jun 30th, 2011
3 comments A fire hydrant on downtown's Altamont Street has been running all day in an attempt to clear the line of water in order to make repairs to a line underneath nearby High Street, according to a worker...
Thanks for the water stories
Published on Mar 10th, 2011
0 comments It is long overdue to thank the Hook and editor Hawes Spencer for shining the light on the curious matter of our community water proposal. For over three years, on more than seventy occasions, the...
More spending: Rivanna moves past Gannett Fleming
Published on Jun 25th, 2009
11 comments The outrage that put City Councilor Holly Edwards (left) and County Supervisor Sally Thomas (right) onto the Rivanna board last month didn't stop the planned highway-hugging mega-dam pushed by chair...
Prescribed logic: Water/sewer rates set for 11-12% hike
Published on Feb 23rd, 2009
22 comments Sally Thomas (left) handed over an official dredging report while Dede Smith offered a "minority report." PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Declining useage means that local water bills are getting a double-...