war on drugs

Not guilty: Jury acquits in two pot-plant case
Published on Jul 18th, 2012
56 comments In a case closely watched by civil liberties groups and law enforcement, Philip Cobbs was found not guilty of possession of marijuana in a day-long jury trial. This week's cover package • Not guilty...
Now I know why helicopters fly over me
Published on Dec 15th, 2011
0 comments Your [October 13 cover story: "Reefer madness? Copter and SWAT team weeded out 2 plants on their property"] finally answered a question I've had for more than a quarter of a century: Why were...
Guilty as charged: Cobbs vows appeal in two-plant pot case
Published on Oct 18th, 2011
45 comments In a decision that sends a strong message that drugs must be rooted out at any cost, the Albemarle citizen recently arrested after a SWAT team found a pair of pot plants in his yard, Philip Cobbs,...
Should marijuana be decriminalized?
Published on Apr 29th, 2010
17 comments         Michael Jones:"Yes. I think so. I think if the government would let us grow our own marijuana and sell it, and everybody could make some cash off it, it would be a...
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