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Intimidating? Copter may have encircled Cobbs pre-trial
Published on Jul 24th, 2012
16 comments Last fall, Philip Cobbs expressed terror after an assault weapon-carrying team of about 10 officers raided his southeastern Albemarle farm after a helicopter crew claimed to spot two marijuana plants...
Police nab motorcycle chase suspect
Published on Jul 21st, 2010
5 comments A 21-year-old Rockingham County man suspected of being the culprit who led police on a 100mph chase through Augusta and Rockingham counties July 18 is in custody on unrelated charges. The alleged...
Police abandon high-speed chase
Published on Jul 20th, 2010
30 comments A Sunday afternoon pursuit of a motorcycle that hit speeds of 100mph through Augusta and Rockingham counties is abandoned “because of the extremely reckless speed of the motorcycle,” Virginia State...
Crash course: State Police chase teen over 100mph in urban area
Published on Jul 8th, 2010
21 comments The State Police muster unmarked vehicles in pursuit of speeders. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER When a BMW allegedly doing 67mph in a 45mph zone passed Trooper W.R. Floyd going northbound on Fifth...
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