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Pack 10: Hook wins journalism, advertising awards
Published on Apr 23rd, 2012
6 comments The Hook took home 10 journalism awards and 13 for advertising, including a Best in Show, at the April 21 Virginia Press Association conference in Roanoke. In the news side of the house,...
Score 24: Hook snares many journo prizes
Published on Mar 21st, 2010
18 comments A recent ad–- that now needs to be updated. HOOK GRAPHIC The Hook solidified its position as Charlottesville's most award-winning weekly newspaper, as it was honored by its peers in the...
Hook brings home bacon (16 awards)
Published on Mar 16th, 2008
20 comments Some of the stories that touched the hearts and minds of Charlottesville last year, including the Hook's expose on a police department collision that provoked community outrage helped this paper...