Virginia Discovery Musuem

Little Chefs
Published on Dec 29th, 2010
0 comments Virginia Discovery Museum. PHOTO BY Linda J. Kobert Aspiring young chefs can bring a parent to cooking class at the Virginia Discovery Museum and create tasty snacks and delicious meals together....
Tots on top: Special events lure little ones
Published on Jul 10th, 2003
0 comments It is a rainy Wednesday afternoon when three-year-old Katie, accompanied by her mom and baby brother, ducks into the Virginia Discovery Museum to play. Katie likes the dress-up area best: She clomps...
Note-worthy: Kids Discover music
Published on Jun 12th, 2003
0 comments Jumping, climbing, making noise. Singing, dancing, squealing, pounding. It’s what kids do. Not surprisingly, the Virginia Discovery Museum has found a way to wrestle all this lively activity into a...