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GREEN HOME-Stop recycling! Local haulers want to do it for you
Published on Apr 22nd, 2010
13 comments Goodbye, Waste Managment? Goodbye, RSWA? Hello, local haulers? FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER You’ve been doing it for years–-dutifully separating recyclables from your trash, rinsing jars and...
Wa$te War: Was RSWA's own trash partner to blame?
Published on Mar 1st, 2010
7 comments The RSWA had "no success" fixing billing problems at the BFI/Republic transfer station–– but Van der Linde got sued. FILE PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO For over two years, the Rivanna Solid...
Free Peter: Fenwick rallies support for recycler
Published on Dec 16th, 2009
52 comments Betty Mooney and Bob Fenwick called on the community to support recycler Peter Van der Linde in his legal fight with the Waste Authority PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR At the Downtown Mall’s Free Speech...
Driver on trial: Waste authority witness faces extortion charge
Published on Dec 8th, 2009
15 comments Richard W. Kendrick seen here in a January 1993 inmate photo. PHOTO COURTESY VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS The star witness in the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority lawsuit against recycling...
Fenwick defends Van der Linde
Published on Oct 20th, 2009
8 comments “This is a monumental waste of time and money," says Bob Fenwick of the Waste Authority's lawsuit against Peter Van der Linde, seen here on the trolley Van der Linde uses to give school tours of his...
Wasted revenue? Authority realized in 2005 station didn't track origins
Published on Apr 20th, 2009
34 comments Untold millions in revenue may have been lost here, at Allied Waste's transfer station at Zion Crossroads, between 1998 and 2005. PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO As reported in a recent cover story ["What a...
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