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Snap: new CTS fares
Published on Sep 2nd, 2009
1 comments From $2 to $1.50, CTS lowered its all-day bus fare–- around the time this photo was shot, which was 8:28am on August 18.
Snap o' the day: Et tu, Putin?
Published on Jun 11th, 2009
3 comments Critics often deride the city as the People's Republic of Charlottesville. Still, we were a little taken aback to see the mug of Russian President [now Prime Minister] Vladimir Putin hanging in the...
Transit center: Location irks transportation advocates
Published on May 15th, 2003
0 comments Here's the traveler's ideal: Arrive in town on the train, walk out the door of the station and hop on a bus to your in-town destination. That's called intermodal, and it's today's big buzzword in...