Full steam ahead: New train guide hits all the stops
Published on Aug 15th, 2013
2 comments Can't get enough trains? With the foldable illustrated map, Rail USA: Museums and Trips, Eastern States, rail buffs have a guide of everything train from museums, steam train rides and historic sites...
Monster storm: NE snow cancels CHO to LGA, Amtrak rolls on
Published on Feb 2nd, 2011
5 comments All six of the scheduled flights from Charlottesville to New York were cancelled Wednesday, February 2, due to the monster snow storm sweeping across the nation's mid-section, but two of the three...
Expanding Amtrak: State to spend $93 million to emulate our train
Published on Jun 28th, 2010
80 comments Despite a pot-holed parking lot, 58 percent of the ridership between Lynchburg and Alexandria comes from the Charlottesville station. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER In an effort to give another city...
Whistle blower: 'Farfetched' dream earns Slayton rave reviews
Published on Jun 9th, 2009
0 comments Fran Cannon Slayton PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO For a suburban-raised girl, Fran Cannon Slayton knows a lot about the romance of the railroads. She knows the difference between the sound of a steam engine...
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