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Rich and powerful: Why won't they save themselves?
Published on Jan 7th, 2012
29 comments I spent a recent week at Occupy Miami and Occupy Fort Lauderdale. One question came up several times: What if the system responds– or pretends to respond– to our demands? What if the...
Weinergate: No victim, no sin
Published on Jun 23rd, 2011
1 comments Should Anthony Weiner have resigned? Aside from the obvious pleasure that we derive from wallowing in salacious revelations about the rich and powerful, the Weiner sexting controversy provides a...
Rall wrong on bin Laden
Published on May 19th, 2011
0 comments I opposed the Iraq war before it even started, in the Charlottesville peace march on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2003, and was assaulted for my trouble. However, as a progressive and a proud American...