southern crescent

Southern Crescent rising?
Published on Jun 9th, 2009
3 comments Is there too much late night noise and traffic in downtown Belmont? FILE PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR When aspiring restaurateur Andrew Ewell first presented his plan for a French restaurant in Downtown...
Council poised to trump Commission for Belmont eatery
Published on Jun 2nd, 2009
38 comments Despite a thumbs-down recommendation from the Charlottesville Planning Commission after several neighbors complained, City Council appears eager to let a house on the edge of Belmont's commericial...
Southern Crescent headed for Belmont?
Published on May 4th, 2009
22 comments A new French restaurant called Southern Crescent has been proposed for the already restaurant-heavy 800-block of Hinton Avenue in Belmont, but some citizens aren't so sure that's a good idea,...