south lawn

On Architecture: 2010 year in review- Lawn and Monticello widen, 'cabin' rises
Published on Dec 22nd, 2010
11 comments Here's the grass. But is it a 'lawn'? FILE PHOTO BY TOM DALY While private sector construction nearly ground to a standstill in 2010, thanks to that bit of trouble American banks have been having,...
Going South: But where's the Lawn?
Published on Sep 30th, 2010
14 comments PHOTOS BY TOM DALY / AERIALS BY SKIP DEGAN If the recently completed South Lawn project were a blockbuster movie, the promo might start like this: "In a world where UVA launches the most ambitious...
Tunnel vision? Terrace plan would deep-six JPA
Published on Mar 20th, 2003
0 comments The view across Jefferson Park Avenue from UVA's New Cabell Hall is hardly postcard quality. A cluster of scraggly trees does little to soften the 250-space parking lot whose degrading asphalt grows...