Snowiest winter ever-- in 125 yrs.
Published on Feb 10th, 2010
18 comments Today's snowfall of 3.8 inches breaks by 3/10ths of an inch the record previously held by the winter of 1995-96 with 54.7 inches, according to McCormick Observatory, Charlottesville's official...
Snowmageddon: Friday in Charlottesville 'could get ugly'
Published on Feb 2nd, 2010
80 comments We're in the deep snow belt (shown in blue), but don't believe the hype beyond this AccuWeather map from Wednesday morning. ACCUWEATHER Punxsutawney Phil could be right. The National Weather Service...
Snap: Waste Management
Published on Dec 27th, 2009
18 comments Working through the situation, Waste Management employees collect garbage at 8:19am on Wednesday the 23rd of December on Second Street NW.
Snap: All we want for Christmas...
Published on Dec 25th, 2009
1 comments A City scraper heads east on West Market Street at 1:36pm Wednesday, December 23. Some neighborhoods would have liked to see this earlier in the snowfall.
Snap: Mt. Chipotle
Published on Dec 24th, 2009
16 comments While public response has been criticized, private crews have made mountains out of snowhills, such as this peak near Chipotle restaurant in Barracks Road Shopping Center. Photographed at 9:59am...
White Christmas storm: #1 for December; #4 overall
Published on Dec 23rd, 2009
17 comments Thomas Jefferson measured 36 inches of snow in 1772. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER It's official: The snowfall that began wreaking havoc on Charlottesville and Albemarle County December 18-19 measures 20.5...
Late Wednesday: Amtrak's late, later, and canceled
Published on Dec 23rd, 2009
3 comments The Buckingham Branch (CSX) tracks near an Ivy-area crossing Saturday morning. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Same spot, but looking in the opposite direction on Tuesday morning. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER...
Snap: All calm on the big road
Published on Dec 23rd, 2009
1 comments After several days of turmoil, including a little pond on Monday that bred an ice event Tuesday near the Comfort Inn, Route 29 was moving smoothly enough for transportation of a small structure at 8...
New snow slideshow: Tuesday night commute
Published on Dec 22nd, 2009
1 comments It has been placed right here.
City forgives: Charlottesville delays sidewalk enforcement
Published on Dec 22nd, 2009
71 comments Unwilling to battle the snow left unshoveled by artists, a pedestrian braves Market Street at 1:21pm Tuesday. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER "Wouldn't it be great," says pedestrian advocate Kevin Cox, "if...
The commute: 8am Blackometer updates
Published on Dec 22nd, 2009
4 comments 7:49am Tuesday near Emmet on Ivy Road, where the path is still snow and ice. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER The following is an 8am update of some of the major roads in the area using the "Blackometer," the...
Snow slideshows: new one just added
Published on Dec 21st, 2009
11 comments Here's the Hook's latest slideshow of Charlottesville snow scenes. (FYI– the Newsplex is reporting that car-strewn Route 53 has finally reopened yet eastbound Hydraulic Road near K-Mart has...
53's opened: But now City's slammed Hydraulic shut
Published on Dec 21st, 2009
33 comments Route 53– the main connection b/w Charlottesville and Fluvanna's Lake Monticello remains closed. VDOT WEBSITE 5:30am Tuesday update: the Newsplex reported yesterday afternoon that car-strewn...
Digging out: U.S. 29 open, but tricky driving
Published on Dec 20th, 2009
53 comments A stuck truck, Saturday morning on 29 southbound. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER 2:59pm update: new slideshow from Western Albemarle. (previous slideshow). According to a new release from Albemarle County...
95 sheltered: Road conditions still treacherous
Published on Dec 20th, 2009
8 comments Ivy Road Saturday near Ednam at 9:37am. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER The two Charlottesville-area shelters have nearly 100 people holed up inside, according to a morning release from Albemarle County...
Saturday gridlock: Major roads were slow going or no going
Published on Dec 19th, 2009
39 comments One VDOT snowplow unable to plow any snow. SLIDESHOW PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER "I had no no clue," said Larry Powell, who set out Friday night from Landover, Maryland, in an 18-wheeler carrying a load...
Dozens stranded: Turmoil as hundreds of cars stuck on Rts. 20, 29, and 53
Published on Dec 19th, 2009
25 comments One of the nine cars that slid off Dick Woods Road between Rt. 250 and I-64 before 7pm Friday. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER The botched commute that opened what appears on its way to becoming a record...
NWS revises snow forecast upwards--UPDATED
Published on Dec 18th, 2009
7 comments Now 22-26" predicted. (Already 13" fallen in Western Albemarle.) 5:52:am Saturday update: Western Albemarle has at least 17" on the ground, and the National Weather Service is calling for more...
Botched commute: First two inches wreak havoc
Published on Dec 18th, 2009
45 comments Westbound Route 250 traffic, seen from the Toddsbury lot at 6:56pm, crawled through the village of Ivy. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Commuter vehicles driven without appropriate equipment or skills are...
Snap: Snow began at 3:55 downtown
Published on Dec 18th, 2009
6 comments And it looked like this at 5:12pm. 10:31pm update: The snow is now about 11" deep, and the National Weather Service is now predicting a two-day total accumulation of 20-25".