Saturday gridlock: Major roads were slow going or no going
Published on Dec 19th, 2009
39 comments One VDOT snowplow unable to plow any snow. SLIDESHOW PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER "I had no no clue," said Larry Powell, who set out Friday night from Landover, Maryland, in an 18-wheeler carrying a load...
Dozens stranded: Turmoil as hundreds of cars stuck on Rts. 20, 29, and 53
Published on Dec 19th, 2009
25 comments One of the nine cars that slid off Dick Woods Road between Rt. 250 and I-64 before 7pm Friday. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER The botched commute that opened what appears on its way to becoming a record...
NWS revises snow forecast upwards--UPDATED
Published on Dec 18th, 2009
7 comments Now 22-26" predicted. (Already 13" fallen in Western Albemarle.) 5:52:am Saturday update: Western Albemarle has at least 17" on the ground, and the National Weather Service is calling for more...
Botched commute: First two inches wreak havoc
Published on Dec 18th, 2009
45 comments Westbound Route 250 traffic, seen from the Toddsbury lot at 6:56pm, crawled through the village of Ivy. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER Commuter vehicles driven without appropriate equipment or skills are...
Snap: Snow began at 3:55 downtown
Published on Dec 18th, 2009
6 comments And it looked like this at 5:12pm. 10:31pm update: The snow is now about 11" deep, and the National Weather Service is now predicting a two-day total accumulation of 20-25".
12-20" snow says National Weather Service
Published on Dec 18th, 2009
22 comments Hooo-ray.
Snap: Height of the squall
Published on Dec 6th, 2009
3 comments Shoppers brave the peak of the Saturday's snowfall at the Barracks Road Harris-Teeter. The National Weather Service issued a black-ice warning until midmorning Sunday with advance warning of a...
Let it snow? Forecast calls for it...
Published on Dec 3rd, 2009
14 comments The white stuff may fall this Saturday, December 5– one to three inches of it, according to a local weather report at But with sun and highs in the mid-40s called for on Sunday...
Unenforced: Sidewalk scofflaws slip by ordinance... again
Published on Feb 27th, 2003
0 comments What city ordinance can be most easily flouted without any repercussions? Charlottesville pedestrians would probably pick the law that requires shoveling of sidewalks within six hours after snow...