sharon love

No response: Huguely misses lawsuit's 21-day deadline
Published on May 21st, 2012
60 comments When Sharon Love served a $30 million lawsuit on her daughter's convicted killer on April 26, by law, George Huguely had three weeks to respond. However, by the end of day 21, which was May 17,...
Big gun: Love's legal choice suggests hard-fought suit
Published on May 7th, 2012
36 comments If Sharon Love's first lawsuit had people scratching their heads and wondering if it was more symbolism than an actual effort to collect millions of dollars from a young man who will likely spend the...
Civil squirm: Huguely must testify in $30 million lawsuit
Published on Apr 30th, 2012
17 comments Two months after an explosive criminal trial and mere days before time expired to file a civil suit, Sharon Love has filed a $30 million action against the man convicted of killing her 22-year-old...