rugby road

Custom design and proper pricing expedite sale on Rugby
Published on Jan 3rd, 2013
0 comments 8/30/2012 Charlottesville Richard L. & Sarah E. Johnson to Theodore W. Perry, 300 10th Street NW, $230,000 Ian Pallini to Langhorne & Langhorne LLC, 1309 Wertland Street, Unit D-2, $122,600 8...
Battle-worn? History adds appeal to Rugby Road offering
Published on Jun 30th, 2012
3 comments Charlottesville 5/4/2012 Albert A. Eustis to Jeffrey C. & Leslie Harris, 2107 Minor Road, $592,500 Wells Fargo Bank to Bonnie Barling Bond, 250 West Main Street, Unit 502, $350,000 Johann F....
Eugene Bradbury
Published on May 7th, 2012
0 comments UVA professor Daniel Bluestone discusses residential and commercial architecture during a bicycle tour (over seven miles with at least 24 cyclists) of the Venable and Rugby neighborhoods on a recent...
Where has all the snow gone?
Published on Feb 28th, 2012
2 comments The National Weather Service is calling for a 100 percent chance of rain Wednesday with a lesser chance for most of the other days in the near future besides Thursday the 1st of March. So will this...
Snap: Raise high the goalpost (and grease it)
Published on Mar 13th, 2010
2 comments Members of UVA's intramural sports department raise a repaired goal post in Madison Bowl, or Mad Bowl, at 8:23am of March 4. One member of the morning bar-raising team said the work came in the wake...
Snap: Who is calling?
Published on Nov 11th, 2009
2 comments Rugby Road pedestrians walking above Mad Bowl in the heart of the University of Virginia's fraternity and sorority zone find out who is calling shortly after noon on Monday, November 9. (As tomorrow...
Chase boy arrested: Scalped house family comes home
Published on Oct 30th, 2009
22 comments A motorist gets out of the way of the chase near Madison House on Rugby Road. PHOTO BY CHARLOTTESVILLE P.D. There has been an arrest in the case of the 85mph chase that resulted in a stolen car...
Snap: Foot-commuting on Rugby
Published on Oct 27th, 2009
0 comments People who appear to be UVA students stroll south past Fayerweather Hall and Madison Bowl, aka "Mad Bowl," on Rugby Road at 8:43am on Wednesday, October 21.
For real laughs, read the house ads
Published on Mar 28th, 2002
0 comments By John Huber Some guys go golfing. Others collect stamps. I read the real estate magazines. Here are some of the things I’ve learned during the last decade reading about and seeing houses:If it’s...