Rosamond Casey

Talk show host: Casey wants you to play games
Published on Nov 14th, 2011
0 comments Everyone understands what a “date movie” entails, but what about a “date art exhibit”? Rosamond Casey has created just that with “Catch the Baby,” an installation at Chroma Projects that is ideally...
Chroma Projects: Rosamond Casey and Lindsay Heider Diamond
Published on Jul 31st, 2011
0 comments Chroma Projects presents two new exhibitions. In the Front Gallery and Black Box, Rosamond Casey offers "Catch the Baby," featuring images, figures, and playing pieces from a game that enables two...
Live Arts Theater: "Mapping the Dark" collaboration
Published on Apr 9th, 2011
0 comments Live Arts Theater presents an innovative collaboration of artists, writers, and performers in "Mapping the Dark: A Museum of Ambient Disorders," inspired by Rosamond Casey's installation. Directed by...