richard dawkins

He's baaack: Selfish Gene author pens one for the kids
Published on Sep 29th, 2011
25 comments The author of The Selfish Gene is back in Charlottesville. This time, however, the British scientist and atheist extraordinaire (he's also author of the 2006 best-seller The God Delusion) will speak...
Snap: Dawkins speaks
Published on Oct 17th, 2009
6 comments After the room that held his physical self filled up an hour before the event, UVA officials had to open at least three extra rooms for electronic feeds of renowned evolutionary biologist Richard...
Richard Dawkins at UVA
Published on Oct 15th, 2009
16 comments Friday night photo update: Dawkins speaks and Dawkins signs. *** The world-renowned author of The Selfish Gene and the 1.5-million-selling The God Delusion comes to Charlottesville for a talk in...