ric barrick

City history: Bid process questioned in unfunded film
Published on Nov 14th, 2012
14 comments As part of Charlottesville's year-long 250th anniversary celebration, organizers and city officials came up with the idea of a documentary about the city's rich history. Eight film production...
Schilling was on a witch-hunt
Published on Apr 4th, 2012
10 comments I don't know Ric Barrick, but from all the reports I have read and heard, I have to say that the continued efforts by Rob Schilling to disparage this man truly represent a witch-hunt. [March 29...
Stressed and out: City spokesman resigns after bid-rigging investigation
Published on Mar 22nd, 2012
103 comments Rob Schilling has long railed against an allegedly fortress-like atmosphere in City Hall, one that allegedly kept him in the dark even while an elected member of City Council. But, on March 21, less...